Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our mirrors. While we can’t promise you’ll be the fairest in the land, but we can guarantee fair prices on standard and bevelled mirrors, as well as closet doors. Using them in your home decor is a very versatile option because the can create a lot of visual changes depending on where they're placed. The light that is reflected preserves most of the characteristics of the original light source and easily blends with its surroundings. They're also a great way to invite light into your home and create feelings of spaciousness, or tighten up the space to make larger rooms feel more intimate. You can use mirrors to enhance any room by directing or redirecting the eye to the focal points you want to accentuate. Use them in frames, put them to work behind the scenes as a backdrop for your house plants, or let them cover up your home's little imperfections.

Our staff can give you some tips on the best placement to maximize effect and make the most of your investment. We stock a 1" bevel mirrors in the following sizes but offer custom sizes as well, including:

18X24, 18X60
24X30, 24X36
30X30, 30X36, 30X48, 30X60
36X36, 36X39, 36X48, 36X60, 36X72

"Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile."

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