Glass Railings

Don't let pickets obstruct your view when you can choose glass! Adding a glass railing to your deck, patio or stairs is an elegant way to provide safety and beauty at the same time. Choose from top rail framed glass panels or topless glass railing options. The tempered glass railings are strong and durable and are a great option for wind screens, or added privacy. Glass railings are easy to clean and just as beautiful inside. Add them instead of picket railings for second floor landings or stairs. Glass railings provide a contemporary style that's aesthetically pleasing, strong, and durable.

Glass Railing FAQs

  1. Do glass railings act as wind screens too?
    Yes, glass railing systems can be used as a windscreen up to 7 feet tall.
  2. Do you offer glass railings in different heights and colours?
    Yes again! We have a variety of sizes and colours to choose from.
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Looking for decorative glass to add an artistic touch to your project?

We are proud to work with local glass artist, Grete, from Grete's Carved Glass.