Patio Covers/Canopies

Budget Glass can enhance your patio area with custom glass patio covers, and other products. We offer a wide selection of patio covers with a range of combinations that include:

  • white, black or custom colour aluminum framing
  • all glass, partial glass or all aluminum roof
  • clear, bronzed or opaque glass
  • aluminum or wood framing

Patio Covers are the perfect addition to your outdoor deck or patio as they not only protect you from the sun in they summer months but they can extend your time outside in the off season by protecting you from the rain. 

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Front Entrance Covers

Gain some protection to your front entrance with a simple and highly effective entrance cover. Whether it's putting on your shoes, drying the dog off or simply wanting to protect your front door from the sun and rain, our entrance covers off a solution for all. 

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Patio Cover FAQs

  1. Will patio covers and roof panels fade over time?
    Factory-finished aluminium components retain the original colour, gloss, and texture longer and better than patio products made of alternate materials. 
  2. What if my patio has ceiling fans or light fixtures?
    Versatility is at the heart of our business. We are able to accommodate your patio’s ceiling fans and light fixture of all varieties. 
  3. How can request a patio cover quote?
    You can request a quote by giving us a call at (250) 758-3374 or send us a request online here.
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