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Shower Glass FAQs


  1. What is the standard height of shower glass?
    A common shower enclosure height is 78” above the curb, which typically works out to the top of the class being approximately 7ft from the floor. This height will allow for ventilation while still keeping the glass, well above the shower head.

  2. What side should the shower door be installed?
    A shower door is usually hinged on the same side as the shower hardware to allow for easy access to the controls while protecting you from the water spray.

  3. Do I have to have a shower door?
    No, it is possible to create a doorless shower enclosure depending on the design, direction of water spray, and size.

  4. How long does shower glass installation take?
    Typically, we can install your new shower glass within 2-4 hours and your shower will be ready for use the very next day!


Add A Touch of Glass!

Bathrooms aren't just for the unmentionable anymore. With careful planning and design, you can turn your bathroom into a masterpiece! Adding the element of glass to your design is a great way to give a modern flair to an outdated bathroom and make smaller bathrooms look larger. With the right lighting, the reflection of glass can do wonders for your space.

There are endless design elements to choose from by incorporating glass including colour, shape, and texture. Budget carries a wide range of shower and tub products with lots of customization options including your choice of clear, tinted or obscure glass, as well as custom etched design. Your shower frame finish options include Brushed Nickel, Gold, Silver, or we can paint to any colour you choose.

Glass is also durable and easy to clean. You can also choose to include Clearshield in your options for an easy to clean glass finish. It's mold and mildew resistant which is perfect for a bathroom's damp environment.  

Budget Glass supplies beautiful all glass shower doors to add elegance to your bathroom. Whether you envision a standard shower door, a full surround glass shower, or a shower enclosure that's custom made, we have the shower styles you need. Budget carries a full line of Agalite shower and tub products including:

  • Sliding Shower Doors
  • Swinging Shower Doors
  • Neo-Angle Shower Doors
  • Tub doors

If you're still in the planning stages, give us a call to ensure that you have a seamless installation.

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Looking for decorative glass to add an artistic touch to your project?

We are proud to work with local glass artist, Grete, from Grete's Carved Glass.