Plate Glass

Plate Glass FAQs


  1. Help! Our glass display broke, we need it fixed ASAP. How soon can you get here?
    We offer emergency 24-hour services. If you are in need of fast plate glass replacement, just give us a call.

  2. How can I incorporate plate glass into my home?
    Plate glass has several uses because it is completely customizable. Plate glass can act as a stunning accent wall, display case, room divider and more.




Budget Glass can provide plate glass in custom sizes for large windows, store fronts, and wall dividers. Glass is a clean and elegant addition to add to any room and we can install any glass window, large or small. 

House design, either inside or out, is beautiful with glass. Modern homes are built to reflect eco-friendly choices from the furnace to the paints and adding glass to that mix is a win-win. Glass is 100% natural material. Recycled glass offers a great design flair especially when mixed with reclaimed wood.

Glass is also a great option for a restaurant remodel too! Wow your customers with the magnificent ambiance of large glass dividers for a change that offers long term sparkle. It's easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant, and doesn't retain odours.


Whether it's a family heirloom or your children’s art, it deserves to be displayed. Plate glass is a great option for display counters, table tops, or protecting your fine wood furniture. Plate glass adds the perfect finishing touch to an antique furniture piece, giving it protection and a contemporary feel.

Just provide us with the measurements you need, and we'll cut your glass to order. Not sure what type of glass or what thickness you need? Our experts can show you the shapes and edge work options that are right for your glass project.


Sometimes storefront glass gets damaged. When that happens it's great to know there's someone you can call to service it as soon as possible and keep your business secure.

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Looking for decorative glass to add an artistic touch to your project?

We are proud to work with local glass artist, Grete, from Grete's Carved Glass.