Sunrooms: Inside Out Living.

Sunrooms are one of the best ways to enhance the beauty and value of your home and invite the luxury of natural light. A sunroom can make the most of your home's existing views and complement your existing architectural style. Our staff can answer all of your questions about how to design a comfortable year-round living space. If you have questions about the best options for sunroom insulation, ventilation, and climate control options give us a call but be sure to check out our blog on "Sunrooms: What you Need to Know" that covers some of the more commonly asked questions on the subject. 

Here are some more great reasons to add a sunroom to your living space:

  • Provides additional square footage
  • Adds more Natural Light
  • Gives the ability to more fully enjoy all of the seasons
  • Brings the outdoors in
  • Creates a versatile multi-purpose room

Whether you have wood siding, vinyl siding, stone, brick, or stucco, your solarium or sunroom can match the exterior of your home. We'll show you a variety of glazing options for maximizing light transmission and energy savings. We'll also show you how to incorporate doors and ventilation to improve access to other living spaces in your home. The end result is a unique room that you and your family will enjoy in any season.

Glass options for your new sunroom include CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™, a unique patented glass coating process that helps your glass stay cleaner longer. This product means your outdoor glass is low maintenance, and stays looking great for years to come. CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™  blocks 85% of the sun's solar heat and our triple-glazed units have thermal resistance levels as high as 7.7 to ensure you have maximum energy efficiency and year-round comfort.

Sunroom Gallery 1

This Gallery profiles the wide array of Sunroom options and designs that are possible. Please click on any image in the gallery to get a bigger image.

Sunroom Gallery 2

A beautiful add on. Insulated roof and wall panels + ample skylights and windows on all sides makes for ocean viewing 365 days of the year. Please click on any image in the gallery to get a bigger image.

Sunroom Gallery 3

Be inspired by the room in which you work. An artists dream is to have a place of solitude where the indoors meets the outdoors with minimal interruption. Please click on any image in the gallery to get a bigger image.

Sunroom Gallery 4

Perfect for that bungalow that needs the extra square footage. The all glass ceiling allows for maximum light exposure to the rest of the house while the large windows give you the feeling of having your sitting are or living room in the outdoors. Please click on any image in the gallery to get a bigger image.

Sunroom FAQs

  1. How long will it take to complete my sunroom, patio enclosure or conservatory?
    Sunroom installation timing will depend on the size and complexity of each room. Typically, your sunroom can be completed within a few weeks from start to finish. We do our best to complete your project as quickly and quietly as possible with minimal disturbance to your home.
  2. How much space do I need to build a sunroom?
    This is completely up to you! Budget Glass can help you create a sunroom or glass patio enclosure in any size.
  3. Will my sunroom leak?
    When properly installed, our sunrooms are guaranteed to be leak-free.
  4. Can I add windows and doors that open to my sunroom?
    Yes, we can outfit your new sunroom or conservatory with windows, doors and skylights.
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