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10 Jan 2018

Three Easy Ways to Add More Natural Light to Your Office

There have been countless studies that prove natural light in the workplace helps foster more productivity and better overall health of employees. It has been proven that office workers who have more exposure to light have better sleep quality and a better overall mood. So, if your office is lacking in the natural light department, windows are your answer.

Here are three easy ways to up your office’s natural light exposure with windows.

  1. Add a Transom Window
    A transom window rests on a horizontal beam above a door frame or an already existing window. This type of window was originally used to add additional light without exposing the room to the prying eyes of outsiders. Today, we suggest adding a transom window to increase natural light in any room. In our opinion, the more windows the better.
  2. Add Mirrors
    Similar to our previous post on using mirrors to brighten any room in your home, the same can be said for mirrors in your office space. You can install large mirrors across from existing windows or in dark corners of your office to reflect even more light from outside.
  3. Pay Attention to Lighting
    Overhead fluorescent lighting is common in most workplaces, which can really put a damper on the overall well being of your employees. To combat this, we suggest boosting brightness with soft and subtle lighting that can be adjusted to work with existing natural light from glass windows. Essentially, you are enhancing the natural light coming into your office instead of blocking it. Place ambient lighting in dark areas of the workplace where natural light doesn’t reach such as hallways or small corners.

If your commercial office space is looking more like a dungeon, than a place that fosters productivity and healthy well being, it might be time to consider adding more windows to your office.

Contact us today and we can help you work out a plan to boost natural light through energy efficient windows and mirrors that will take your office out of the dark ages.

03 Jan 2018

Three Ways to De-Ice Your Windshield – and Fast!

‘Tis the season of frosty mornings and frozen windshields, which when in a hurry can put a huge damper on the start to your day. But fear not, Budget Glass is here with three handy and quick ways to de-ice your windshield this winter season.

Homemade De-Icer Spray

  • Water & Salt. Pour water into a spray bottle with a scoop or two of salt.
  • Water & Rubbing Alcohol. Fill up a spray bottle with two parts rubbing alcohol and one part tap water.

Both of these options will lower the freezing point of water. When sprayed on your windshield, they will quickly and effectively melt the ice. Make sure to store your de-icing spray at room temperature between uses (not in the trunk of your car).

De-Fog windows from the inside

  • Once you’ve removed the frost from the outside of your windshield, your windows might start fogging up from the inside. A handy trick is to keep a chalkboard eraser in your car. Use the eraser to wipe down the condensation on the inside of the windows.

Prevent overnight windshield frost before it starts

  • You know what’s better than standing out in the cold with your homemade de-ice spray to melting a frosted windshield? Not having to deal with frost at all! You can prevent or lessen the amount of overnight frost on your windshield by wiping the windows and windshield down with undiluted, white vinegar after you park your car for the night.

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Winter is the season of windshield chips and cracks. With fluctuating temperatures from day to night, the melting and expansion cause chips and cracks and makes existing ones even bigger.

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