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27 May 2021
how to clean a glass shower

How To Clean A Glass Shower

5 Ways to Keep Your Glass Shower Sparkling Clean

Your shower is a place to refresh, wake yourself up, ease aching muscles or just enjoy a few luxurious minutes to yourself.

However, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your beautiful, shiny glass shower door stained with dried water marks. It can be even more frustrating when the steps you take to clean it just don’t seem to work.

So how can you put that sparkle and shine back into your shower glass?

There are many different products, hints, tips and old wives’ tales out there, offering a multitude of solutions. Here are some suggestions that the team at Budget Glass recommends you try when trying to clean your shower glass.

Five Ways To a Clean Shower

  1. White Vinegar and Baking Soda – If you prefer a natural solution over a chemical product then this is a good option. The vinegar dissolves watermarks while the baking soda acts as an abrasive cleaner for stubborn stains. You’ll likely have the ingredients you need on hand in your pantry.
  • Wet shower glass with water
  • Spray thoroughly with white vinegar
  • Leave to soak for 10 minutes
  • Dip a soft cloth or sponge into baking soda and scrub the glass
  • Rinse with water and thoroughly dry with a soft microfibre cloth
  1. Lemon Juice – Another natural solution that is simple and easy to make at home. Lemon juice is good for removing lighter cases of soap scum build-up, and it smells better than vinegar too!
  • Add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle
  • Spray glass and wait 5 minutes
  • Wipe clean with a sponge and dry with microfibre cloth
  1. Ammonia – This chemical is effective at breaking down grease and grime and dries fast and streak-free, making it popular in glass cleaning products. Keep in mind ammonia can be dangerous if not used correctly. Make sure you ventilate the room well and never mix ammonia with bleach as it can create toxic gasses.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of ammonia with 2 quarts of warm, distilled water in a large spray bottle.
  • Spray onto glass, wait 3 minutes
  • Wipe dry with a microfibre cloth
  1. Dryer Sheets – Although designed to soften fabric; damp dryer sheets magically transform into glass shower cleaners, as the softener in the sheet breaks down soap scum stains.
  • Dampen fabric dryer sheet and use to wipe over glass doors and walls
  • Rinse door well after use and buff with a microfibre cloth
  1. Store Bought Chemical Product – Of course, there are many products available in your local hardware or grocery store which can be used to clean shower glass and the rest of your bathroom. Some work better than others, and some also include extra benefits like mould and mildew removers.

Note: When using cleaning products and DIY solvent solutions, be careful to remove all cleaning materials from all silicone sealants, as these can break down the bond over time.


Daily Maintenance Will Keep Your Shower Glass Looking Brand New

Now your shower glass looks fresh and fantastic again, how do you keep it that way? A daily post-shower cleaning routine is the first step, but there are also some more permanent solutions available too.

A Simple Post Shower Cleaning Routine

The key to preventing soap scum and water stains from building up is to make sure the shower glass is cleaned after every use. Removing excess water and product from the glass right away will stop it from drying and creating streaks or spots on the glass. This is particularly helpful if your home has hard water. Routinely keeping your doors and walls dry will also help keep mildew and mould at bay and keep your home healthier overall.
Try the following post-shower clean routine:

  • Keep a squeegee in the shower and use it on all glass as soon as you are finished your shower
  • Spray with a daily cleaner. You can make your own by placing ½ cup rubbing alcohol, ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon dishwasher rinse aid and 1 teaspoon dish soap in a 32oz spray bottle. Top it up with water and it’s good to go.
  • Wipe down with a soft microfibre cloth and leave the door open so air can circulate and dry the glass.

Add Long Term Protection to Your New Glass

Hydrophobic coatings can be applied to shower glass. These actually repel water and product from the glass, keeping it cleaner for longer.

At Budget Glass all of our glass shower doors come with the option of adding ClearShield, a hydrophobic coating that protects glass from the build-up of dirt, limescale, water spots and mildew. Ask how you can add this to your new shower and spend more time relaxing in the shower and less time cleaning.

To protect your investment, we also recommend using specialty cleaners to repel and remove unsightly, stubborn glass stains. In addition to ClearShield, we also supply high-quality CRL cleaning products, like CRL Surface Protector to repel stains and CRL Sparkle to remove stubborn stains. These products can be used instead of, or in addition to the DIY solutions listed above.


Call Budget Glass Today For Your New Shower Needs

If you try all of the above ideas and your shower still isn’t looking like an inviting place to get clean, you may want to consider a new or replacement glass shower door, walls or a bath surround from Budget Glass.

We carry a wide range of options to suit any taste or size of bathroom, with your choice of clear, tinted or obscured glass and metal finishings to match your existing décor. When you have a beautiful and clean glass shower or bath surround, your bathroom can be your sanctuary again, your place to unwind and refresh … and get ready to clean the rest of your house! Based in Nanaimo, we’ve been serving the whole central island since 1983 as full-service glass experts. Our friendly and knowledgeable team at Budget Glass can be reached at (250) 758-3374. You can also easily contact us via email for all your household, commercial and automotive glass needs.

21 Apr 2021
how to insulate patio and other glass doors

How to Insulate Patio Doors

6 Simple Ways to Insulate Your Glass Doors for Energy Efficiency

There’s nothing like a glass door to let in all that beautiful sunshine. Favoured for walk-out basements, porch and deck entries, kitchens and more, sliding doors and French doors are a great addition to any home. They help create an airy open feeling and are particularly useful in rooms that may not have many windows. They also open up the view so you can easily see the kids playing in the yard, or just enjoy the stunning mountain vistas at sunrise.

Like windows, poorly insulated glass doors can also be a big source of energy loss, making it tough to balance the temperature. Is the space around your patio door feeling a bit drafty? It’s probably time to insulate your patio doors to help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

We’ve created this article outlining 6 great options to insulate your glass doors for optimal energy efficiency and temperature regulation. Follow these tips to start enjoying your sliding door-year round.

  1. Use Window Coverings – Curtains or drapes with thermal backing are an excellent solution for keeping the warmth in, cold out, or whatever you like, depending on the time of year. They also block any harsh morning sunlight and help provide greater privacy at night. This is particularly useful if your glass door faces the street or allows an open view into your home. Another energy saving window covering option are cellular blinds like Hunter Douglas Duette. The honeycomb shape provides great insulation and sound dampening. The Duette product is also available in everything from sheer to room darkening fabrics for a truly customizable finish.


  1. Clean the Door Track – Grit and grime can easily accumulate throughout the year. This debris from your shoes, pet’s feet, etc… create tiny little air pockets that lets air in through the bottom of the door. To help your sliding glass door function at its best, you’ll want to clean the tracks. Vacuum the door track then gently wipe it down using some dish soap diluted with water. You’ll want to clean your door and its components before trying any other methods for insulating, like caulking or adding weather stripping.


  1. Add Weather Stripping – Weather stripping should be replaced on all your doors every few years and glass doors are no exception. Installing weather stripping between sliding doors keeps air from flowing between the sides of the door for better insulation.


  1. Add Rubber Compression Strips – Adhesive-backed rubber compression strips are great for glass doors since they can be easily cut to fit perfectly. Just measure and apply to your clean tracks and sash. They’re made to stand up to cold temperatures, so they won’t contract when the temperature drops. They’re also moisture-resistant, which is ideal for our humid and rainy climate.


  1. Add a Window Insulation Kit – Old school and still a very effective way to insulate windows and doors. Plastic film insulation kits (also known as storm window kits) are readily available at any hardware store. Just clean the glass well and cut the film to fit any size or type of door. Double-sided tape secures the film to the frame of the door to hold it in place. Once you’ve placed the film, just use your hairdryer or heat gun to shrink the plastic. This creates a barrier on your glass, blocking heat and cold, making your door much more energy efficient.


  1. Redo the Caulking- Another constant of homeownership, caulking is useful in any room where insulation or moisture blocking is needed. Doors are no exception and it’s a quick DIY to caulk any areas that are leaking. First, remove the existing caulking for either the whole door or just the area you’re touching up. The caulking rope should be rated for doors and windows. Carefully apply the caulk. Doityourself.com has some great tips for caulking application.


Time to Replace Your Glass Doors?

These DIY tips should help to solve the problem of air leaks around your glass doors. Of course, if your door has reached the end of its lifespan and requires replacement, it will save you time and frustration to price out a replacement door.

At Budget, we’re experts in everything glass and we have many different solutions for your home, depending on your individual needs. Offering high-quality double pane vinyl and Low-E coatings to reflect infrared light, you’ll be amazed by how much difference our modern glass doors make. We’ll make sure your home is comfortable and as energy efficient as possible with no more drafts or heat loss!

Consider Replacing Your Screens at the Same Time

Chances are, if your door is at the end of its life, your door screen is too. If the bugs are bugging you, talk to us about our screen door options. We manufacture a wide range of screens to suit all types of exterior doors, including options for aluminum, vinyl and wood frames. Made to last, our screen doors are high quality with heavy-duty framing and are designed with metal ball bearing rollers for a smooth glide.

We also offer colour and material options for the screening material, including beige, brown and white, with standard fiberglass or optional aluminum screen mesh. To figure out the best product for your home’s interior and exterior style, our expert installers can help you choose the best colour, style and materials for a new door and screen combination. We’ll also do the measuring to ensure a perfect fit!

Upgrade to one of our energy-efficient patio doors this year and put aside worries about hot summer days and cold winter nights. Serving Nanaimo and area customers since 1983, we’re proud to hold an A+ BBB rating. Whether you need a custom mirror, vehicle glass repair, skylight replacement, or anything in between, Contact our team of professional glaziers and installers to discuss your project. We can be reached at (250) 758-3374, or send us a message via email.

23 Mar 2021
how to fix a foggy windshield

How to Prevent Your Windshield from Fogging Up

10 Tips to Stop and Prevent a Foggy Windshield

A foggy windshield is not only an annoyance, it can be a real safety hazard since it impairs how well you can see while behind the wheel. To help prevent the possibility of risk to other drivers and yourself, always let your windshield fully de-fog before driving away. Is your foggy windshield a constant nuisance no matter the weather? At Budget Glass, we’re experts in everything auto glass so we’ve created this post with 10 useful tips for keeping your field of vision clear while driving.

What Causes a Foggy Windshield?

To know how to prevent a foggy windshield, you first need to know what causes it. Just like the foggy air over the water, the fog you see gathering on your windshield is caused by warm and cold temperatures mixing, plus high levels of humidity. Have you ever noticed that when the backseat is packed, your car quickly fogs up? This is because the air we breathe out is actually around 100% humidity. No wonder you find yourself scrambling for the defroster! Sometimes, all it takes is a rainy day where the air outside is cooler than the air inside. On Vancouver Island, we’re no strangers to damp weather – a common cause of tiny water droplets (fog) collecting on the glass.

1. Hands off Your Windshield

A dirty, dusty windshield can be a magnet for moisture particles, making the problem of fog much worse. Resist the urge to wipe it between cleanings, since oils from your skin will leave a smudgy film behind. If you want to spot clean, try keeping window cleaning wipes on hand for quick touchups. For best results, use your vehicle’s climate control and allow your vehicle to defog on its own.


2. Keep Your Windshield Clean

Use an ammonia-based window cleaner to really get at the build-up on the glass. This will leave you with a streak-free shine. It will help prevent fog as well as clear up those smudges that can really impact your vision while driving on a bright day. Clean your windshield and windows regularly to keep them sparkling.


3. Use Shaving Cream

It sounds odd but shaving cream creates a protective film that helps stop fogging. Use a clean and dry microfibre cloth to wipe a thin layer of shaving cream across the windshield (you can do this inside and out) then use a second cloth or towel to wipe it up.


4. Turn off Recirculate

If there’s already a lot of humidity inside your vehicle’s cabin, recirculating that air won’t help to de-fog your windshield. Instead, it can make the problem worse. You’ll want your vehicle to be pulling in air from outside, to even out the temperature.


5. Use your Air Conditioning or Heater

When there’s a difference between inside and outside temperatures, you’ll want to use your vehicle’s climate control. When it’s warm and humid outside, the air conditioner pulls the excess moisture out of the cabin. When it’s cold outside, the heater will warm up the glass.


6. Keep Wet Items Out

On the West Coast, we love outdoor fun. All this fun equals mud, sand and soggy stuff. Because any excess moisture can cause glass to fog, you’ll want to stow wet towels and equipment away from the main cabin. If you don’t have separate storage space, use a bag or bin for muddy shoes, wet bathing suits, towels, etc… Also be sure to dry off your pets too, since a damp dog can really add moisture to the air. Try keeping a towel on hand for those quick pre-trip wipe-downs.


7. Open Your Windows

Open the windows just a crack to let air circulate. This will regulate the temperature inside and outside of your car by combining the humid and dry air. If you can safely leave your windows open a crack while your vehicle is parked and turned off, this will help the inside and outside air balance, preventing foggy windows.


8. Check your Cabin’s Air Filter

Any vehicle manufactured after the year 2000 will have a cabin air filter, which is a frequently overlooked item for many drivers. This air filter collects pollen, dust and debris to help with the air quality inside the vehicle. If your vehicle’s defroster isn’t working efficiently, it could mean that there’s excessive debris inside the cabin air filter, leaving your windshield susceptible to condensation and fogging.


9. Talk to Your Mechanic

If you’ve tried the steps above, the air filter is clean, but fog is still persistent, it could be a problem with your vehicle’s HVAC system. If your vehicle is fogging up when you use the defroster, your car’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system could be the culprit.

10. Have Your Windshield Looked at by a Pro

Come and see us at Budget Glass. Chipped or cracked glass can let excess moisture inside your vehicle, so you may need to have the windshield repaired. Any issues with the seals around the windshield can cause this as well. If you’re experiencing frequent, heavy fog inside your vehicle, come and see us.

Our Nanaimo and area customers have trusted us for their auto, home and commercial glass needs for over 35 years! We love glass, and we’re committed to providing the best quality products and service for you and your vehicle. Make an appointment with our helpful service staff today.

26 Feb 2021
Budget Glass Windshield Repaid & Replacement Services

DIY Windshield Repair Kits

Do It Yourself Repair Kits for Windshields – Do They Really Work?

Did you know that your windshield can bear over half of your vehicle’s weight in the event of a rollover?

That’s a major reason why it’s so important to ensure that your windshield is in good shape. Even the smallest imperfection can impact the integrity of the glass and the driver’s visibility. Driving with a cracked windshield is also illegal, even if it doesn’t reach the driver’s line of vision.

You’ve probably seen DIY windshield repair kits that claim to save you time and money… but do they really work?

DIY Repair Kits – A Temporary Fix At Best

When you’re truly in a jam and can’t get to Budget Glass, you can try a couple of stopgap measures. While they’ll temporarily keep the crack from spreading, it’s always best to have cracks and chips filled by a professional. These DIY kits also cannot repair a crack that’s larger than 1 inch around or deeper than the first layer of glass, so it’s really a vanity fix for small imperfections.

Here’s a review taken from Amazon.ca for a DIY repair kit from a popular name brand:

“Sadly, this works better on the internet than in real life. After seeing videos of how amazing products like this are, I was hopeful. I tried this on multiple windows. It did minimize the appearance of an ultrafine hairline crack. However, the regular sized cracks are still completely visible. I thought it was going to work as I did notice fluid going into the cracks, but they are still visible. After reading and following every direction to a “t” I was let down.

If you do choose to try this product, be careful of the shavings that come off while using the razorblade, they can stick to your car’s paint if you’re not careful. Wish I had put the money I spent towards a professional job.”

What’s the Difference Between a DIY Kit and Professional Glass Repair?

Let’s face it, the only reason anyone would consider fixing their own windshield is because it’s cheaper.  But is it really cheaper in the long run?

If you’re going to do a DIY repair on your windshield, you’re likely going to use one of the following methods: clear nail polish, crazy glue or you buy a kit with a resin filler. These methods, however, just don’t stand up to a professional windshield repair.

With the do-it-yourself method, there are a lot of ways the repair could go wrong. Maybe the instructions are not clear, maybe you don’t follow the instructions properly, maybe the resin isn’t of high enough quality, maybe it’s too cold or hot for the resin to set properly. At the end of the day, without the advice of a professional, you don’t even know if the repair is fixable in the first place!

Glass repair technicians use a very high-quality UV resin, and have the proper equipment and industry training to get the job done right.

The Windshield Protects the Driver and Passengers

Like we mentioned above (and this bears repeating) the windshield is designed to help sustain the structural integrity of the vehicle. It’s made of two sheets of glass bonded together by a sheet of plastic in the middle.

This structure is what makes the windshield able to stand up to shattering and why you see a spiderweb pattern form after a fender bender. This is also why rocks and other debris will chip the windshield, rather than breaking through. It’s never fun to hear that “ping!” sound as a rock hits your windshield, but you’ll be in good hands by bringing your vehicle to Budget Glass as soon as you can.

When to Seek a Professional Service for a Cracked Windshield

Ideally, you should bring your vehicle in to have the windshield repaired or replaced right after you notice a crack. When the crack in your windshield continues to grow larger than one inch around, the windshield will need to be replaced to prevent further damage. This is because cold and hot weather can easily change a hairline fracture into a full-on crack across the windshield. Windshield replacement is more involved than just having the layers of glass repaired, so it makes sense to have the repair done right away.

Great News! Windshield Repair or Replacement May Be Covered

Look at your insurance policy. Many private insurance companies cover rock chip repairs, just check with your provider. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage with ICBC, you may be able to have your repair done at no cost and with no deductible. Not to worry- windshield repair doesn’t affect your insurance premiums since it’s a no-fault incident. For complete details on eligibility, visit ICBC.ca.

Budget Glass Nanaimo is Your Local ICBC Certified Glass Repair Shop

Speaking of insurance, Budget Glass is an ICBC- approved Glass Repair Program Facility (ICBC Glass Express.) This means that we are recognized by the insurance provider as a top choice for windshield repair. It also means that we can process claims quickly and efficiently, since we invoice directly to ICBC.

We also offer a lifetime warranty on auto glass installation and guarantee your new windshield free of flaws and defects and provide a “no leak” guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle. If a flaw is noticed within 90 days of installation, we will replace the windshield for free.

My Windshield is Damaged, What Do I Do Now?

Drop on by our shop in Nanaimo, and our expert team will be able to determine whether your windshield can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced.

Windshield Repair

If your windshield needs a repair, you generally do not need an appointment and the rock chip repair
can be done in as little as 20-30 minutes. Repairs improve the appearance of the chip or crack by at least 80%, vastly increasing the safety of your vehicle. Our highly skilled glaziers will inject the high-quality adhesive into the pit, chip or crack.

*Note that the process isn’t perfect, and there’s always a chance that the crack may spread during or after repair. If this happens, replacement would be your only option.

Windshield Replacement

For windshield replacement, you’ll want to make an appointment first. After replacement, we recommend waiting at least 3 hours for drying time. The entire process will take 4 or more hours—especially if your vehicle needs to be recalibrated. After replacement, be sure to wait at least 24 hours before going through a car wash. The new windshield could have a hard time standing up to water at higher pressure. Hand washing is okay during the first 24-hour period.

At Budget Glass, our happy customers have trusted us for their home, commercial and auto glass needs for over 35 years. We love glass, and we’re committed to providing the best quality products and service for you and your vehicle! If your windshield needs a makeover, come and see us at our Nanaimo shop, or make an appointment with our helpful service staff today.

20 Jan 2021
pet resistant pet screens

Pet Screens for Doors and Windows

Protect Your Screens, Protect Your Pets

Window and door screens are the most effective way to let fresh air in while keeping bugs and other debris out. They can also get destroyed by our beloved pets who gnaw, climb, or crash into screened windows and doors.

If your screens are being damaged by dogs or cats wanting in (or out!) consider a pet screen. Also called pet mesh, It’s ultra-durable and made to withstand high traffic areas. This pet-proof solution will let you enjoy having your windows and doors open again!

What Is Pet Screen Made Of?

Pet screen / pet mesh is made of thicker vinyl coated polyester fibres. It’s made to ensure toughness while preserving the view inside and out, thanks to a finer weave. It’s strong enough for kitties who like to climb. It’s tear-resistant too, for animals who bump into the patio door. When the screen gets bumped with some force, the screen frame will pop out of the housing. This prevents ripping, which can cause harm to your pet. This strength makes it excellent for homes, daycares and any other spaces with small children. If your window or door screen gets knocked out, we can service and / or replace it without any fuss.

Protect Your Pets by Screening Them In

Screen panels not only guard us humans against mosquitoes, wasps and other pests, they also help protect your pets from fleas and ticks by keeping them away from the source.

Screens also keep your pet contained on the deck or patio without having to be on a run or a leash. Cats love to explore and hunt. Even the most docile of canines may wander and disrupt the neighbourhood. This can be a problem and result in injury or illness to your furry friend if they’re able to escape. The sturdy pet screen material can also help keep hungry squirrels or curious racoons outside where they belong.

Pet mesh is also great for office spaces. These days, many people love to take their pets along to their 9-5. You can leave your door or window open and let fresh air flow through your workspace, while keeping your desk buddy safe and happy.

Sized Right for The Perfect Fit

At Budget Glass, we offer custom screens made to measure. This ensures the most secure fit for any door, window or patio / deck enclosure. We can make screens for aluminum, vinyl and wood windows and doors in all dimensions and shapes. Our expert technicians will measure your windows and doors for a small $20 fee. We recommend this option to ensure a perfect fit, which will also help prolong the life of your screen.

These screens for pets install like standard fibreglass screening material. You can do it yourself or we can install your screening and splicing in no time flat. Screens are available in black or grey to match any home or commercial space. You can even have it installed in your RV for complete pet protection while camping.

Stop Replacing Your Screens Because of your Pet

Lower quality screens from a big box store are made of thinner materials that don’t stand up well to the wear and tear of daily life. Simply put, they’re flimsy. They fade, sag and rip easily and they just can’t do a good job of keeping insects, leaves and other debris out of your home. They also need to be replaced frequently, which can put a dent in your household repair piggy bank.

The Benefits of Door and Window Screens

  • Energy efficiency – Screens can block UV rays and excess heat.
  • Pest and particle blocking – Screens are designed to block pests, dust and other debris, like leaves and pollen, from entering your home so you can breathe easier.
  • Air flow – Open your windows and doors and let the fresh air in!
  • Keep windows clean – Screens can act as a guard against dirt and water splashing against your windows. This helps keep them cleaner longer.
  • Security – Screens can be a deterrent to would-be thieves thinking of easy, open window / door pickings.

If your screens are at the end of their life, consider upgrading to pet mesh from Budget Glass. Our screens adhere to (and often exceed) industry standards. Time to upgrade your patio door and your screen? Make it a full package with our top-quality patio doors. Designed with heavy duty framing and metal ball bearing rollers for the smoothest glide, our screens are also easy to clean. All you need is soap and water to keep them looking their best.

We’re known for our top-quality products and our door and window screens are no exception. Get a jump on the spring and summer seasons and have your screens replaced with durable pet screening today. At Budget, we’re more than just glass, we’re a full-service solution for everything from stylish vanity mirrors to whole home window replacements. We’d love to hear from you! Call or email our friendly staff at our Nanaimo showroom for product information or an estimate on our pet screens for windows and doors.

29 Dec 2020
Difference Between a Covered Patio and a Sunroom

What’s the Difference Between a Covered Patio and a Sunroom?

A Top-Quality Custom Patio Cover or Sunroom For Inside Out Living

In our rainy climate in Nanaimo, BC, it makes a lot of sense to have an enclosed outdoor space. This room will more than likely become everyone’s new favourite spot in the house, becoming the preferred place for your art studio, game nights, parties, family dinners or simply a quiet space to take in the views.

Extending your living space and providing the ability to enjoy the outdoors even during bad weather, patio covers and sunrooms are a very worthwhile investment in your home.  At Budget Glass, we’re a proud Four Seasons Sunroom and Patio Cover distributor.

Whether you choose a sunroom or an enclosed patio cover, there’s an option that’s perfect for your family.

Types of Sunrooms

Particularly in a wet climate like ours, indoor/outdoor areas are invaluable for spending time enjoying nature, while still in a warm, enclosed space.

Imagine being able to leave your patio furniture out year-round without worrying about it getting ruined by the sun and rain. Imagine letting the kids out to play knowing that they’re in a secure enclosed space and of course, adding even more usable living space to your home. This is an especially attractive option for ranch or bungalow style homes and homes with a deck space that is so open to the elements that it sits unused for much of the year.

Three-Season Sunrooms – Ideal for use during warm spring and fall days. The solid frame and full-length glass also provide excellent weather protection year-round, which is a step up from an enclosed patio. A three-season sunroom does not have its own independent heating and cooling system and is constructed of non-insulated single-pane glass, so it would be the hottest or coldest room in your home during the summer and winter.

Four-Season Sunrooms – Comfortable all year round. A four-season sunroom with independent heating and cooling, insulation and ventilation is essentially an upgrade from a three-season sunroom. The four-season sunroom is created from advanced insulated glass and framing materials. Together they work to keep the temperature the same as the rest of your home.

Types of Patio Covers

Open Patio Cover- Acting as a roof, this won’t fully protect you from the elements, but it is a cost-effective way to offer overhead coverage on rainy days and offer shade on hot days. Like enclosed covers, open patio covers have skylight panels to allow plenty of light in clear or bronze.

Patio Covers – A covered patio can be used comfortably during the warmer months. Because it doesn’t have climate control or the level of insulation that a sunroom would, it would be more useful during spring, summer and warmer fall days. A huge benefit of patio covers is that it protects your patio and its contents from rain, wind and snow.

Screen Rooms – A screen room offers a bit more structure to your patio while not being enclosed by glass. It will keep pesky insects at bay during summer BBQ’s and add the feeling of an enclosed space without any actual windows. It’s a slightly higher investment than a simple open patio cover, but a great choice for warmer weather.

Styles and Designs

With a large selection of gorgeous silhouettes and materials, our sunrooms and patios transition seamlessly between your indoor and outdoor spaces. We offer a wide range of glazing options to maximize energy savings, doorway, window, and skylight options as well, for a truly one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor space.


Today’s sunrooms and patio covers are carefully designed to enhance the architecture of your home. If a sunroom has a glass roof, it is referred to as a conservatory or solarium and if it has a roof that extends from the roof of the house, it might be called a studio, gable or traditional sunroom. At Budget Glass, we also offer the choice between fine structural materials including aluminum, vinyl and engineered wood in warm oak or pine tones. We also offer Conservaglass Select, which blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays. View our extensive sunroom gallery.

Patio Covers

We offer a wide range of patio cover options designed to match and enhance your home. Choose from framing in white, black, or custom colours, a full glass, partial glass, or aluminum roof, glass styles in clear, opaque, or even bronzed, as well as wood or aluminum framing. View our gallery of custom patio covers.

The Construction

The steps will vary for each custom build, but there are a few basic things to keep in mind when weighing your options between a sunroom or patio cover.


Because a sunroom is usually built over a brand new or pre-existing patio with no roof, a foundation is almost always required. This will ensure that it’s level, strong and will last for many decades. Generally, a building permit is required since this build will be treated like any permanent addition to your home. For more FAQ’s on sunrooms, check out our blog post here.

Patio Covers

A patio cover is a freestanding structure rather than an extension of your home and it typically won’t need its own foundation. A covered patio is built over a pre-existing patio or deck with a roof already in place. A well-constructed custom patio cover will feel like a natural extension of your home.


If you’re considering adding a sunroom or patio cover to your home this year, talk to our experts at Budget Glass first. We offer free, no-obligation quotes to help you easily narrow down your choices right down to colour selection. Serving the Nanaimo, BC area since 1983, we are experts in all things glass and carry and install only top-quality products. Contact us today to get started.

30 Nov 2020

All About Glass Backsplashes

Make a Fresh Statement with a Custom Glass Backsplash

Homeowners everywhere love their glass tub and shower surrounds, skylights, and those extra special touches like etched glass doors. When it comes time to design kitchen and bathroom builds, remodels or renovations, glass backsplashes may not be on the top of their radars, but it should be, and here’s why:

Unlike the more expensive granite, stone and ceramic options on the market, glass backsplashes brighten up a space, making it look and feel larger. The way glass bounces light makes it effective at bringing light into even the dimmest spaces between cabinets and it can even create a luminescent appearance. Available in an endless array of tints, tones, textures and patterns, glass backsplash styles can range from natural to dramatic, depending on the colours and finishes you choose.

Glass backsplashes are also moderately priced, making them much more attractive to homeowners than shelling out for stone or tile. Glass is also incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

All these qualities and more make it a fantastic choice for any home.

The Benefits of a Glass Backsplash

When you choose a glass backsplash from Budget Glass, you can rest assured knowing that:

Glass is environmentally sound. Unlike some other materials, glass is 100% natural. In many cases, it’s made from recycled glass products. Free of harmful chemicals and fillers, glass is also 100% recyclable.

It’s been trendy for 20+ years. Glass backsplashes have been popular for decades now, and according to TheSpruce.com, they’re “not going out of style anytime soon.”

It’s a timeless medium. Glass isn’t just limited to one shade or style. It can be created in a wide array of patterns, textures, tints and rich colour tones. It lends itself very well to mixing and matching, and the opaque finishes can add an airy, polished feeling to any kitchen, bar or bathroom.

Glass is super easy to clean. Mildew-resistant, stain-resistance and simple to clean and keep clean, they are an ideal choice for a busy home or commercial setting. The mildew resistance of glass also makes them an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

Glass has a light and bright look. Especially when positioned correctly with lighting, glass can almost glow. This helps your room to look larger and brighter—perfect for kitchens and smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. Under cabinet task lighting can make a glass backsplash in a rich tone look especially vibrant.

It’s durable. As well as being easy to clean, glass backsplashes are incredibly durable and strong. They are long-lasting and could well be the only backsplash you’ll ever have installed in your home.

Tempered glass stands up to heat. Ideal for behind the oven, tempered glass will not be damaged by heat, making it a great choice for use in the kitchen.

It doesn’t need to be sealed. Unlike stone and tile backsplashes, glass does not need to be sealed, making installation that much quicker and easier.

The look is easily customized. Create an eye-catching design using a variety of colours, textures and patterns. From an etched sea-glass look to a smooth, polished finish, there are so many possibilities for a one-of-a kind design. You can even use metallic colours for a sleek modern edge.

When it comes to sizing, you can choose your custom-sized piece for a seamless look (this will depend on the overall size—larger installations may require multiple panels.) Glass backsplashes can also be customized to fit around existing outlets and light switches.

How to Care for a Glass Backsplash

No One Wants a Backsplash They Have to Worry About

In the bathroom, kitchen, bar or any other suitable area in your home, it’s simple to maintain and clean a glass backsplash. All you need is a standard glass cleaner or mild soap and water. For areas where grease tends to build up (behind the stove for instance) you can use a grease-cutting cleaner.

Glass backsplashes are very low-maintenance and only require sporadic cleaning, or when you notice the surface looking a bit dingy. For the cleanest look, use a primer that closely matches the colour of your tiles before they’re installed.

To keep your glass backsplash sparkling, consider using CRL TPC Surface Protector. Designed to guard against the buildup of dirt, grime, mold and mildew, it’s a coating that can be added to your glass products for long-lasting beauty.

Generating Ideas for Your Glass Backsplash

Once you’ve decided on a glass backsplash, it’s time to narrow it down to the size, style and overall feel you want to create. We recommend browsing different styles on sites like Pinterest and Houzz to view examples and help get your imagination started.

When it comes to glass, the possibilities are pretty much endless. You can choose a backsplash that flows from the countertop to the ceiling, a 6” strip and anything in between. From clear to glass that’s been back painted in a bold tone, installed over a favourite wallpaper, or sandblasted to create texture, your backsplash will renew the beauty of your room.

Installation of Your Custom Backsplash

Glass backsplashes can be installed by a careful DIY’er, but we do recommend you consider hiring a professional team, like our friendly installers here at Budget Glass.

You can also rely on our team of glaziers here at Budget to help you design exactly what you envision – our expert glass gurus can work with you to create the perfect custom-design. To save time and stress and the potential of a botched installation, call us first.

For answers to all your questions about creating your perfect glass backsplash, contact Budget Glass today. We are your full-service glass station and are committed to a quality product and seamless installation, every time. Serving the Nanaimo area since 1983, we’re proud to be able to offer glass products, services and installations for everything from automotive glass to sunrooms and skylights. From concept to completion, you can trust our experienced team for your auto and home glass needs.

19 Oct 2020
we fix foggy windows - Nanaimo BC

Trouble With Foggy Windows?

We Fix Foggy Windows (aka Condensation Between Window Panes)

Are you squinting to try and see through your foggy windows? Is your morning view being ruined by condensation? Worse, is water collecting around your window frames and damaging the interior of your home?

If your windows are fogging up, there are a few reasons why this is happening. In this post we’ll talk about why windows fog, what you can do about it and your options for replacement and upgrades with our glass experts at Budget Glass Nanaimo.

What Does it Mean to Have Foggy Windows?

Foggy windows are windows that look wet and in more extreme cases, are hard to see through with an annoying film of fog. When there’s a large difference in temperature between the outside and inside environments, moist air collects on the cooler surface, causing condensation and fog.

How Can I Treat My Foggy Windows?

To fix the problem of foggy windows, you’ll need to know why the windows are fogging up in the first place.

There are three main causes:

Condensation on the Outside

Windows that fog up on the outside are completely normal since this happens after a chilly morning when the window is still cool but the air around it begins to warm up. This type of condensation will clear on its own when the glass warms up.

Just like when your car fogs up on a cool morning, the windows of your home can too. If exterior condensation is ruining your morning view, try a product that is designed to repel water. We recommend ClearShield to repel buildup and enhance the clarity of your windows.

Condensation on the Inside

This is caused by moisture inside your house and can strike at any time. It can also be caused by condensation trapped within the window itself. The latter can lead to water damage in your home as well as mold and mildew.

First, give your window a good clean using a quality glass cleaning product to see if grease and grime buildup is making the problem look worse than it is. Sometimes grime buildup (particularly in kitchen windows) can appear as fogginess.

If you’ve given your windows a good clean and still see cloudiness and fogginess and suspect that your foggy windows are being caused by moisture in your home rather than within the sealed window unit, try these steps:

  • Open the windows up wide on a warm, sunny day
  • Turn on your range hood in the kitchen and any bathroom fans to pull out moisture
  • Turn off any humidifiers or scent diffusers for a few days
  • Turn on any fans to get the air moving
  • Check your thermostat and turn up the heat. A couple of degrees is usually all that’s needed
  • Sprinkle dessicants (moisture absorbers) around areas that experience higher levels of moisture (window frames, door frames, etc…) Salt, dry rice and baking soda all work really well to pull moisture from the air.
  • Try a dehumidifier or rent a commercial-quality appliance designed to quickly expel moisture

Condensation Between Window Panes

If the steps above didn’t help, it’s because condensation is collecting between the windowpanes. When this happens, it’s likely that the window’s seal has worn out due to age or is has been broken. All windows wear with time.

Due to weather and sun exposure, the seal will harden and crack. Once the seal is damaged, the only real solution is replacement.

The longer that moisture is allowed to collect, the more you run the risk of moisture collecting inside your home, leading to mold, mildew, ruined carpets and ruined walls.

What Type of Windows Do You Have?

Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows should be replaced whenever possible, even before fogging begins. Single pane windows don’t have an insulating layer, so they are prone to condensation that causes fogginess. Upgrading your windows will help prevent drafts, conserve energy, reduce noise and even increase the value of your home, since today’s double pane windows are designed to last up to 25 years.

Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are made of two sheets of glass sealed together. What makes them energy efficient is the argon or krypton gas that fills the gap between them. If this airtight seal is broken or a pane cracks, moisture can get into the space between the panes. This leads to that fogginess that’s blurring your view.

Because the two panes are sealed together, both panes would need to be replaced. The good news is that it’s simple and affordable to replace the glass, leaving the window frame intact. Our expert installers will quickly install made to measure replacement sealed window units and frames.

Foggy Window Replacement By Budget Glass Nanaimo

When you need to replace your entire window or you’d like to change the location of the window,  consider our Thermoproof Vinyl Windows. These are Energy Star rated, made to last and very low in maintenance. In fact, all of today’s vinyl and aluminum windows are made to be extremely energy efficient. Choose from double or even triple pane glass and low-emissivity (Low-E) glazing. Low-E glazing is a special coating which deflects light. It’s highly recommended since it helps keep heat outside during the summer and inside during the cooler months, for energy savings and a lowered utility bill, since you’re using less energy to cool and heat your home.

As glass and window specialists at Budget Glass Nanaimo, we can help by selecting and installing the right windows for your home. Choose from double or triple paned, Low-E or even tempered glass products to meet your specific needs. We guarantee the quality of our products and the installation, and will always ensure the work is done right, on time, and within budget. We’ll install your new windows, rain or shine, year round. So, if your windows are fogging or leaking, call Budget Glass at (250) 758-3374 or schedule an appointment online for a free quote today.

16 Sep 2020
15 Cool Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

15 Cool Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Use Custom Mirrors to Light Up and Expand Your Space

Mirrors are one of the most forgiving ways to add style to a space. They do double duty by bringing in more light and adding a more open feel at the same time. Unlike windows, mirrors can easily be moved to update their reflection and effect on a room.

Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that one of the best ways to bring more light into a space is to add a mirror. Size and placement matters of course, but mirrors are such a forgiving addition to home décor that it’s hard to go wrong. Mirrors are simple to keep clean with a feather duster and a spritz of glass cleaner now and then, and the variety of sizes and shapes available make it easy to match your personal style.

At Budget Glass, we offer custom standard or beveled edge mirrors, as well as a variety of sizes ranging from 18×24 to 36×72. Choose from clear mirrors, tinted mirrors or even an etched design.

High-quality mirrors from Budget Glass are ideal for use in bathrooms, on closet doors, workout rooms, outdoor spaces and more.

15 Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

  1. Use in place of artwork – Instead of hanging yet another print or painting, hang a mirror! Framed or unframed, ornate or simple, it will add light to a dim room and help anchor the furniture.
  2. Use on adjacent walls – Let mirrors play off each other to brighten up a space. This will help a room (like a bedroom) feel more spacious.
  3. Use outdoors in a small patio or yard to add the feeling of more space Place a mirror at an angle that will reflect greenery or blue skies. You can even grow a vine around it for a “secret garden” feel.
  4. Use at the end of a narrow hallway to bring in more light and make it feel more spacious – Use a single large mirror to avoid a funhouse mirror effect.
  5. Hang a small framed mirror by the front door – Use it for a quick check before you leave the house. You can also add a full-length mirror for a complete once-over.
  6. Frame a mirror with a deep square or rectangular frame – This creates a mirror that will do double duty as a shelf.
  7. Add an ornate or framed mirror to a gallery wall Mix an attractive mirror in with artwork to add more visual interest to the space.
  8. Group similar sized mirrors together for a fun look Circle shaped mirrors are great for this since they can be hung in virtually any configuration without the design getting too picky.
  9. Place a mirror in between windows to add the illusion of additional windows If a window is oddly placed (talk to us, we can help solve your window problems) you can add balance to the room by “faking” it with a mirror.
  10. Add a framed mirror with a pop of colour – Bring instant visual interest to a bedroom, kitchen or living space. A bright red, cobalt blue or sunny yellow can add vibrancy to your home.
  11. Use a mirror as a centrepiece above a mantel – This adds instant style and as with furniture, will anchor the mantle as a focal point whether you prefer clean lines, an ornate metal framed piece, or anything in between.
  12. Add drama with oversized or floor to ceiling mirrors – This works especially well to open up a small bathroom.
  13. Add a mirror adjacent to something you want to see reflected – If used outdoors, it could reflect a water feature. Indoors, it could reflect a window or a favourite piece of art.
  14. Create an eye-catching pattern or mosaic – Play with shapes and textures and create an eye-catching design for that special place in your home.
  15. Let a mirror do double duty as a timepiece – A useful clock-turned mirror with clean lines is a thing of beauty.


Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

  • Hang mirrors at about eye level, with the center of the frame no less than 48-50” from the floor. If you’re very tall, hang the mirror so the centre point is around 65” from the floor.
  • When used as wall décor, mirrors should be two-thirds the size of the wall it is hanging on, or of the piece of furniture that it’s above.
  • Hang the mirror so the bottom is about 2-4” from the top of the shelf or furniture, so it appears as a cohesive part of the scene you’ve created with furniture and décor items.
  • Consider what the mirror will reflect. As well as adding visual interest, whatever the mirror reflects should make you smile when you see it.
  • Heavy mirrors should be hung by professionals. Our team at Budget is experienced with these more delicate installations.
  • If you’re DIY’ing the mirror installation, ensure that it’s straight by using a laser or bubble level. Mark the placement with a pencil before drilling any holes.
  • Use a wall hanger or picture hook on each end so the mirror will hang flat to the wall.

When you need custom mirrors created to fit a specific room in your home, the glass experts at Budget can help. We provide and install mirrors for a variety of spaces, offer a variety of pre-cut sizes and can cut custom sizes complete with openings for fixtures and outlets. Contact our staff today to discuss sizing, texture and placement for your custom mirror.

25 Aug 2020
Glass Shower Surround

Enhance Your Bathroom With Glass

Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Glass Bath Surround or Frameless Glass Shower Doors

The washroom, bathroom, lavatory, loo, or powder room — whatever you call it, your bathroom is a space that should always feel comfortable. Whether it’s a serene ensuite just for you or a place where the whole family gets ready in the mornings, your bathroom should fit your lifestyle and showcase its features.

Building a brand-new home and looking for bathroom design options? Updating an existing bathroom? Say goodbye to the 1980’s look of brass framed shower doors and bulky tub surrounds, and say hello to the fresh, open aesthetic of frameless glass.

What are Frameless Glass Bath Surrounds and Doors?

If your bathroom is feeling dated and you’ve tried updating the vanity and fixtures, but something still doesn’t feel quite right, look at your tub and shower. Do they look and feel dingy? Do they “spark joy”?

If your bath and shower space leaves something to be desired, consider upgrading to frameless glass. Our frameless glass products are created without any metal or rubber framing for a high-end look and feel. Made with thick, strong glass in your choice of obscure, clear, or even a custom-etched design, your custom-made door or surround will add new life to your bathroom.

Why Choose Frameless Surrounds and Doors?Glass Shower Surround Nanaimo

Frameless glass provides the best of form and function. We all know that shower curtains can be a real pain. Not only do they quickly start to look tired, but they let moisture escape onto the floor and nearby walls. This creates the risk of mildew and mould buildup and the potential to slip on a puddle of water. A properly fitted door will stop these problems while creating a beautiful, open feel in your bathroom.

Other Reasons to Choose Frameless Glass:

  • Add openness to even the most compact of bathrooms
  • Ideal for tub/shower combinations or a separate tub and shower design
  • Glass integrates with any look, from rustic retreats to elegant escapes
  • Add to your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers with a modern looking bathroom
  • Minimal attachments mean there are fewer parts to break
  • Easy to maintain and clean with no frames or joints to scrub
  • A properly fitted door will stop water from pooling onto the floor

Add ClearShield Eco-System

Heat and humidity combined with hard water can create limescale and bacteria build up that can rob glass of its natural sparkle over time. Mold and mildew resistant, award-winning ClearShield Eco-System coating can be added to your glass products to help maintain its pristine appearance.

Style and Design Ideas

When you’re in the midst of designing your new or upgraded bathroom, you want to have the very best selection of highest quality products to match your vision. We offer shower and bath enclosures by Agalite in your choice of tinted, clear and obscured glass. We even offer custom etching, so if you have a particular image in mind, we’ll work with you to bring the design to life. At Budget Glass, we’re the glass experts for showers, skylights and everything in between.

Choose from:

  • Sliding doors – Great for keeping your frameless glass doors concealed when not in use. Frameless sliding glass doors have a clean, classic feel without additional framing and hardware for a truly minimalist design. These are ideal for any sized bathroom
  • Swinging shower doors – Also called a hinged shower door, these open by swinging in one direction, just like a regular door inside your home. The hinge can be attached in a variety of ways, including to the wall, tub surround, or glass panel. These are ideal for larger bathrooms with more space to open the door without interference.
  • Neo-Angle shower doors – Neo-angle shower doors are made of three glass panels set on an angle with one (the door) that swings outwards. This space-saving design is ideal for maximizing space in corner showers.
  • Tub doors – Never buy a shower curtain again or fuss with a liner again. Fully frame your tub with a sliding glass door or have a fixed glass wall installed. Tub doors and panels are ideal for standalone bathtubs and bath/shower combos.

Once you’ve decided which type of door best suits your bathroom, consider whether you’d like a walk-in shower or a shower with a curb. A shower enclosure is usually 78” above the curb. If you choose a curb-free (walk-in design) where the glass is flush with the bathroom floor, the enclosure would be 78” above the floor. This height allows air flow while keeping the showerhead(s) well under the glass. You’ll also want to have the shower door hinged on the same side as the showerhead and other hardware for easy access to controls, and to prevent water from escaping.

More Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom with Budget Glass

Mirrors – Often overlooked, mirrors are the best way to reflect light and open up a space. At Budget, we offer pre-cut and custom sized mirrors. Not only do we offer tips on what size and placement would be best, but we’ll come and install your mirror as well.

Glass Backsplash – Adding a hint of sparkle, glass backsplashes add depth with all kinds of tones and textures. Glass backsplashes are also environmentally friendly. It’s fully recyclable and no extra waste is created during manufacturing.

Skylights – Brighten up your bathroom and reduce the need to have lights on during the day with skylights. If you need to have existing skylights replaced, we can help with that too.

Love the look of glass tub surrounds and shower doors? Professional installation by our expert team at Budget Glass will ensure that the frameless glass surrounds and doors you choose will last for many, many years. Contact us today for a free quote. Your frameless shower and tub surround can be installed in as little as 2-4 hours and be ready to enjoy the very next day.