Glass Railing Systems Combine Style, Safety and Durability with Uncompromising Views

Adding glass railings to your deck or patio is an elegant way to create outdoor living areas that are not only beautiful, but safe and low maintenance as well.  In recent years, glass railing systems have advanced leaps and bounds, offering an endless range of features and customizations to meet your needs.  Whether you’re considering top rail framed glass or topless (infinity) panels, glass railings are a fantastic option for outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes.  In this article, Budget Glass will take you through some of the top reasons to choose glass railings for your next project.


1. Glass Railings Ensure Unobstructed Views

Here on Vancouver Island and Coastal British Columbia, we’re privileged to have some of the most beautiful ocean and mountain views around, which is why indoor-outdoor flow is becoming one of the fastest growing features home buyers and builders look for.  Glass railings are ideal for ensuring that you make the most of those views, with options that can provide an unobstructed panorama of your surroundings. 


2. Versatile Custom Design Options for Glass Railing Systems

From texture to tint and from colour pallet to materials, glass railings provide countless options that make them easy to blend with any architectural aesthetic. You can even customize the height of your glass railing system.  Framed glass railings are available in a selection of different colours, finishes and materials all designed to create a stylish impact.  If you’re looking for a more modern, minimalist look, frameless railings will do the trick while still offering a variety of design options including colour tinting and custom etching.


3. Glass Railings Let the Light Shine Through

If you’re one of over 15% of British Columbians that struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months, then you’ll know that a light can have a massive impact on your wellbeing.  With our comparatively mild climate, many of us are using our outdoor spaces – particularly patios and decks, year-round.  Make the most of that mood-boosting natural light, especially in the darker winter months, with glass railings!


4. No More Wind Chill with Glass Railing Systems

Glass railing systems are constructed from a series of solid glass panels that provide superior shelter from the wind.  Whether you’re living oceanside or at a slightly higher, more exposed location, glass railings will help reduce the wind chill so you can enjoy your deck and patio, even on those gusty, west coast days.


5. Glass Railings Provide Privacy Without Compromising Style

We know what you’re thinking, how can glass railings provide privacy?  If you’re looking to maximize light, but you also want to create a visual barrier for neighbours or passersby, glass railing panels can be customized up to 7 feet high with an opaque or obscured treatment that still maximizes light but also ensures complete privacy.  This is a great option for patios and decks in condominium or apartment complexes or in urban centres that are more populated.


6. Animal-Friendly Glass Railing Options

You can’t live in this beautiful part of the world without having a love for the native flora and fauna.  One of the common concerns we hear when it comes to glass railings is the potential impact on wildlife and, more particularly, the potential danger for birds.  As mentioned previously, designed with subtle etching or tinting to help mitigate bird strike and ensure as little impact as possible on surrounding wildlife.  


7. Safety & Durability With Tempered Glass Railing Panels

Glass railing systems are constructed using tempered glass, which is specifically designed to remain strong and durable for the lifetime of the product.  In the unlikely event that a glass panel in your railing system breaks, it will do so into many small pieces that will not have any sharp or jagged edges that would otherwise lead to injury.


8. Glass Railing Systems Are Low Maintenance

Unlike wood or other non-aluminum railing systems that require periodic staining, painting or other maintenance, glass railings are extremely easy to care for.  Just a quick clean with soap and water or household glass cleaner every so often will keep your surfaces looking like new.  


9. Glass Railing Systems Provide Value on Investment

The price of tempered glass railing systems start from about $140 plus per linear foot installed and can go up from there depending on features and customizations.  While this can make glass railings a somewhat pricier option upfront when compared to other railing systems, they are often less expensive in the long run because they require little maintenance, are extremely durable and last for many years.  This, combined with tremendous buyer appeal, makes glass railings an excellent value on investment.  


Beautiful, customizable, safe, durable, low maintenance and affordable – there’s so much to love about glass railing systems!  If you’d like to learn more about glass railing options for your special outdoor space, contact the team at Budget Glass, for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.  


Budget Glass has been serving the Nanaimo area in central Vancouver Island since 1983 and our team of skilled staff take great interest in getting to know your needs. Our commitment is to carry the best products, hire the most qualified people, and offer the best warranties in the business. If you’re looking for glass railings in Nanaimo, BC, get in touch with the experts at Budget Glass.