Glass is for More Than Just Windows and Doors

From decorative to practical – there are many ways that custom glass products can enhance your home.

Whether you wish to protect or elevate furniture, create the feeling of privacy without losing spaciousness or want to add some decorative elements, a custom glass product could be the answer.

Whatever your custom glass needs, here at Budget Glass we custom cut glass to order, to ensure it fits right the first time. 

How Glass Can Add Style and Glamour to Your Home

Integrating glass into the home has become popular over recent years as people have realized the benefit and beauty of this multi-purpose material.

Not only is glass strong and durable, it has a versatile look that can complement any architectural or decorative style. 

Some of the benefits of choosing glass accents in your home include:

  • Creates or maintains a feeling of light and space while providing a physical divide, decoration or privacy.
  • Easy to clean – when glass has a practical use like a table top or kitchen backsplash, it is bound to get dirty. The good news is that glass is easy to clean with a simple glass cleaning solution and microfibre cloth.
  • Durable – custom glass products designed for high use areas are strong, shatterproof and resistant to scratches and chipping.
  • Adds a unique and beautiful talking point – a custom mirror, room divider or window adds a one-of-a-kind touch to your home.

Different Types of Custom Glass Products to Consider

Custom glass products can be used throughout your home and can be both practical and decorative, depending on your needs. Some common uses for custom glass products include:


Mirrors are of course, just glass with a reflective backing, so they can be customized to any shape or size you need. Mirrors are not just for checking your hair before you leave the house though.

When spaced strategically, they can be used to reflect light throughout your home and to give an illusion of space too. Custom options for mirrors include:

  • Wall – from a small framed mirror to an entire mirrored wall, with a custom mirror you can go as big as you need.
  • Fitness room – if you’re lucky to have a dedicated workout space, why not add a wall of mirrors to help you keep an eye on your form.
  • Bathroom – a custom bathroom mirror can be made to fit perfectly with a new or existing vanity.
  • Closet doors – no spare wall space for a mirror? Consider adding custom mirror panels to your closet doors.
  • Bevelled – all mirrors can be finished with a bevelled edging, which gives the look of a built-in frame for the look of a high-end hotel.

Table Protectors

If you have any real-wood furniture in your home you will know it can be susceptible to dents, scratches and stains. One great way to protect your wooden furniture while retaining its natural aesthetic is to add a solid glass topper. These toppers can be used on:

  • Dining tables – custom glass tabletops can be cut to size to accommodate decorative shapes or edges
  • Coffee table – as with dining tables, glass provides great protection for high use furniture
  • Desk tops – whether as a topper on an antique desk or cut to preference to be used with a metal frame, glass makes a clean and modern look for an at home work space

Glass can even be custom cut to fit over unique tables such as those made from the roots or a section of a tree.

Plate Glass

Used more frequently in commercial buildings for shop fronts and displays, plate glass can also be used inside your home to create a beautiful room divide, or a feature wall – how about having a custom glass water feature in your grand entry!

Decorative windows 

Different from regular windows manufactured for energy efficiency that have insulative properties, decorative windows are more about adding beauty or acting as a privacy buffer. 

Decorative windows are the perfect way to add texture, pattern or interest to change the look of your home when used in: 

  • Side and transom windows around entryway door
  • Internal windows such as those above doors

Backsplash – Kitchen / Bathroom

  • A solid glass backsplash is the height of contemporary minimalist style. Whether left clear, with colour painted behind, or with a textured finish, they give a clean and classy look to any kitchen and are incredibly easy to keep clean as glass deters bacterial growth.
  • Glass backsplashes are cut to custom sizes.

Stair Rails

  • Glass railings on stairs or internal balconies create a modern, open and airy feeling while the tempered glass used also ensures safety
  • Can be stand alone or fitted underneath a wooden or metal rail
  • Rail glass can be plain, decorative or even etched with a specific image

Add a Decorative Touch with Etched Glass

For an even more personalized touch, custom glass installations can be etched, also known as sandblasting, with a pattern, design or image of your choice.

Budget Glass works closely with local island-based companies who offer glass etching by hand. Hand glass etching produces beautiful, one of a kind custom decorative glass products.

Glass etching can be done on a wide range of glass product including:

  • Interior windows
  • Handrails
  • Door panel and side glass
  • Deck glass
  • Bathroom windows
  • Mirrors
  • Commercial shop fronts or offices

Glass etching can be subtle, elegant or bold, depending on your needs. The sandblasting technique allows the glass artists at Grete’s to control the etching, allowing for shading ranging from light to deep. You can see some examples of their amazing artistry in this portfolio, which includes residential and commercial applications.

Budget Glass for All Your Custom Glass Needs

Whatever your custom glass needs, come and talk to the team at Budget Glass. We will be glad to offer our advice, expertise and a quote for custom mirrors, table toppers, backsplashes and more.

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