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05 Jun 2017

Sunroom Questions: What You Need to Know.

Our staff quite often fields lots of Sunroom questions, so we thought we’d share a few of them here in case you’re considering adding one to your home.

How much do sunrooms cost? This is usually the first, and hardest question to answer because it varies from project to project. Just like buying a car, a house, or that next big screen TV, there are many things that contribute to the pricing. In this case, the square footage, where it’s being built, and the type of sunroom all influence the price. For the sake of simplicity, most sunroom ballpark pricing starts at $30k. We have years of experience estimating jobs and working with budgets, so give us a call for a custom quote.

Do you need a building permit? Yes. Adding a sunroom is really no different than any other addition you’d be planning for your home. You’re essentially increasing the footprint of your home with livable space by adding to the existing structure so a permit is required. No need to worry though, we’re well versed in this process and can help homeowners gather and submit all the necessary paperwork to make this a pain-free process.

Do sunrooms have foundations? More often than not sunrooms do require a foundation. A solid foundation ensures that everything built above it is strong, level, and ready to stand the test of time.

What options should I be aware of? Again, like buying that new car there are many considerations. You may want to start the process by looking at the different sunroom styles. Most options fall into two main categories: Roof styles and interior material types. These two areas hold the most influence over the look and the cost associated with your new sunroom.

If I’m interested in a sunroom, where can I learn more about the options? You’re in luck! Budget Glass employs a Sunroom expert who knows all of the ins and outs and is the guy to talk to if you have Sunroom Questions. We’ve helped hundreds of people find the perfect sunroom, patio cover, or solarium solution that fits their space and budget. By all means, contact us by phone or email and we’ll coordinate a time you can meet with Andy for a free no obligation consultation.

These are just a few of the most frequent Q&As so if you still have Sunroom questions, feel free to drop us a line . It’ll help you find the right sunroom, and help us to add helpful information to our list.

Be sure to check out our Sunrooms Page for more information and our photo gallery of images.

26 Apr 2017

Window Repair – 5 Common Window Issues

Window repair or new windows? We all love new things but sometimes we just can’t afford the “new” part. Budget Glass has helped hundreds of homeowners find solutions to fixing and repairing windows, which is often a less expensive alternative to planning a window renovation. By repairing your existing windows you can improve the energy efficiency of your home and get rid of those annoying problems like room drafts, clouded glass, sweaty window panes, and mold.

These window repair situations can introduce some pretty annoying features, so it’s no wonder homeowners we talk to sometimes say that they hate their windows. The entire appeal of having windows is based on them working properly and keeping out the cold. So when your windows aren’t opening and closing properly, the hinges are stiff, or no one wants to go near them, it’s time to consider making a change.

Here are 5 common window repair issues, and how we can help you fix them:

1. Rotting Window Frames: The worst case scenario is a rotten window frame that not only leaks air into your house but water too! If this hasn’t happened to you yet, you can avoid it by making sure that you have primed and painted your window frames and by minimized their exposure to water. If you do have signs of rot you can hire your local handy person to replace your window frames or use epoxy to patch them. Get a quote for repairs first, and we can provide you with a quote for replacement. You can decide which is a better option for your budget, as it might be less expensive to replace the window if the rotting is too advanced.

2. Stiff Window Parts: Having a window that doesn’t open and close without effort is annoying. The fix could be as simple as a thorough cleaning, and using some WD40 on your window hinges and clasps. Often windows in older homes have been painted shut at some point in time, so scraping off the old paint and starting fresh can make their function easier. Finding replacement parts for old windows can be a challenge, but we’re pretty good at it.

3. Drafty Windows: No one wants to sit near a window when it disrupts your feelings of being cozy. Having a drafty window is an indication that you might have a bigger problem such as rotting wood, but it can also be something as simple as caulking that has become cracked and peeling, or loose weather stripping. By sealing up the cracks around your windows you can reduce the drafts and also save some significant cash on your home energy costs.

4. Foggy Windows: All double or triple pane windows expand and contract with different temperature conditions over time. This puts pressure on the window seals, and eventually, these seals will break allowing air to enter between the layers of glass. Unfortunately, that also means that moisture can get in too, condensing where you can ‘t access it. Once a window seal is broken the foggy window syndrome begins. The warm weather fogs the inside of your windows so you can’t enjoy the view. We can give new life to your windows by replacing the sealed unit. That means that you can leave the window frame intact, and just replace the sealed unit. We’re happy to provide a free quote.

5. Broken Windows: The most obvious window problem is when it’s just plain broken (or maybe just chipped or cracked). If you have a single pane window in a wooden frame, we can supply sheets of glass to size so that your local handyman can replace the glass. If the window was in an aluminium or vinyl frame, it has to be carefully dismantled. Getting exact measurements is important so that you get the results you want. We’re happy to provide a quote for parts or repairs.

We love glass, and we want our customers to love it too! Making the most of your windows by keeping them in good repair ensures you’ll be enjoying the view and the warmth in any season. Call us for a free quote for your next window repair project.


19 Mar 2016
How to Add a New Window

How to Add a New Window: Let There Be (More) Light

How to Add a New Window: Adding More windows to your home, according to a recent article “50 Features Homebuyers Want Most”, has ample “day lighting”is ranked at #8 on the list. Our dreary West Coast days can compound this challenge by making those rooms feel even darker and slightly more depressing. Now for many of us the option of shopping for a new house may not be in the cards. So what are the options? There’s more than you think. Many will look to Skylights or even Sun tubes as options to brighten their home however the obvious is most often times overlooked. Add more windows. We thought we would start off our very first blog post off with an overview of a recent project whereby we added a new window to an existing home. No more dark room. No more dreary lighting. No more thinking of calling your Real Estate Agent. Let there be more light!

How to Add a New Window in oversimplified terms the steps that we followed:

1. Determine the location, position and size of the new window to be installed from the inside of the home.

2. Following marking out the opening the cutting of drywall begins being cautious and observant of wiring and elements within the wall.

3. Open up and prepare the opening is perhaps the most challenging part of the job. Depending on the scenario an Electrician and or Plumber may be required.

4. Add in the proper framing including a header that will allow for the proper support of the new window and meet your local Building Code requirements.

5. Carefully prepare and remove the outside siding in anticipation of the final opening (hole) to be cut in anticipation of the new window. This is always a good time to ensure that your new window has actually arrived.

6. Fit the new window into place. Shim and level where necessary, weather proof and insulate, install matching trim (to other windows)…and try not to fall of the Boom Lift while doing all the above.

7. Sit back and let the light shine in!