Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Glass Bath Surround or Frameless Glass Shower Doors

The washroom, bathroom, lavatory, loo, or powder room — whatever you call it, your bathroom is a space that should always feel comfortable. Whether it’s a serene ensuite just for you or a place where the whole family gets ready in the mornings, your bathroom should fit your lifestyle and showcase its features.

Building a brand-new home and looking for bathroom design options? Updating an existing bathroom? Say goodbye to the 1980’s look of brass framed shower doors and bulky tub surrounds, and say hello to the fresh, open aesthetic of frameless glass.

What are Frameless Glass Bath Surrounds and Doors?

If your bathroom is feeling dated and you’ve tried updating the vanity and fixtures, but something still doesn’t feel quite right, look at your tub and shower. Do they look and feel dingy? Do they “spark joy”?

If your bath and shower space leaves something to be desired, consider upgrading to frameless glass. Our frameless glass products are created without any metal or rubber framing for a high-end look and feel. Made with thick, strong glass in your choice of obscure, clear, or even a custom-etched design, your custom-made door or surround will add new life to your bathroom.

Why Choose Frameless Surrounds and Doors?Glass Shower Surround Nanaimo

Frameless glass provides the best of form and function. We all know that shower curtains can be a real pain. Not only do they quickly start to look tired, but they let moisture escape onto the floor and nearby walls. This creates the risk of mildew and mould buildup and the potential to slip on a puddle of water. A properly fitted door will stop these problems while creating a beautiful, open feel in your bathroom.

Other Reasons to Choose Frameless Glass:

  • Add openness to even the most compact of bathrooms
  • Ideal for tub/shower combinations or a separate tub and shower design
  • Glass integrates with any look, from rustic retreats to elegant escapes
  • Add to your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers with a modern looking bathroom
  • Minimal attachments mean there are fewer parts to break
  • Easy to maintain and clean with no frames or joints to scrub
  • A properly fitted door will stop water from pooling onto the floor

Add ClearShield Eco-System

Heat and humidity combined with hard water can create limescale and bacteria build up that can rob glass of its natural sparkle over time. Mold and mildew resistant, award-winning ClearShield Eco-System coating can be added to your glass products to help maintain its pristine appearance.

Style and Design Ideas

When you’re in the midst of designing your new or upgraded bathroom, you want to have the very best selection of highest quality products to match your vision. We offer shower and bath enclosures by Agalite in your choice of tinted, clear and obscured glass. We even offer custom etching, so if you have a particular image in mind, we’ll work with you to bring the design to life. At Budget Glass, we’re the glass experts for showers, skylights and everything in between.

Choose from:

  • Sliding doors – Great for keeping your frameless glass doors concealed when not in use. Frameless sliding glass doors have a clean, classic feel without additional framing and hardware for a truly minimalist design. These are ideal for any sized bathroom
  • Swinging shower doors – Also called a hinged shower door, these open by swinging in one direction, just like a regular door inside your home. The hinge can be attached in a variety of ways, including to the wall, tub surround, or glass panel. These are ideal for larger bathrooms with more space to open the door without interference.
  • Neo-Angle shower doors – Neo-angle shower doors are made of three glass panels set on an angle with one (the door) that swings outwards. This space-saving design is ideal for maximizing space in corner showers.
  • Tub doors – Never buy a shower curtain again or fuss with a liner again. Fully frame your tub with a sliding glass door or have a fixed glass wall installed. Tub doors and panels are ideal for standalone bathtubs and bath/shower combos.

Once you’ve decided which type of door best suits your bathroom, consider whether you’d like a walk-in shower or a shower with a curb. A shower enclosure is usually 78” above the curb. If you choose a curb-free (walk-in design) where the glass is flush with the bathroom floor, the enclosure would be 78” above the floor. This height allows air flow while keeping the showerhead(s) well under the glass. You’ll also want to have the shower door hinged on the same side as the showerhead and other hardware for easy access to controls, and to prevent water from escaping.

More Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom with Budget Glass

Mirrors – Often overlooked, mirrors are the best way to reflect light and open up a space. At Budget, we offer pre-cut and custom sized mirrors. Not only do we offer tips on what size and placement would be best, but we’ll come and install your mirror as well.

Glass Backsplash – Adding a hint of sparkle, glass backsplashes add depth with all kinds of tones and textures. Glass backsplashes are also environmentally friendly. It’s fully recyclable and no extra waste is created during manufacturing.

Skylights – Brighten up your bathroom and reduce the need to have lights on during the day with skylights. If you need to have existing skylights replaced, we can help with that too.

Love the look of glass tub surrounds and shower doors? Professional installation by our expert team at Budget Glass will ensure that the frameless glass surrounds and doors you choose will last for many, many years. Contact us today for a free quote. Your frameless shower and tub surround can be installed in as little as 2-4 hours and be ready to enjoy the very next day.