Repairing or Replacing Fireplace Glass is Easy with Budget Glass

Is your fireplace glass cracked, chipped or damaged? Do you own an older fireplace or stove with a tempered glass insert? Budget Glass can replace it safely and quickly. 

Even if your fireplace glass does not have obvious damage, there are many advantages to switching to neo-ceramic glass which has superior heat resistance, is free of heavy metals and has many other industry-leading advantages.

What is Neo-Ceramic Glass?

Neo-Ceramic glass is now recommended for all gas and wood-burning fireplaces.  It has become the building code standard due to its superior features, including:

  • Ability to resist very high (over 1000°F) temperatures without damage
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures over a continuous period of time
  • Does not contain arsenic or heavy metals
  • Resistant to damage from thermal shock 
  • Has improved surface quality and colour compared to regular or tempered glass
  • Comes in 5mm thicknesses
  • Quick and easy to cut using regular glass cutters 

What is The Difference Between Neo-Ceramic Glass and Tempered Glass?

Although tempered glass has traditionally been used for fireplaces where the door is not close to the heat source; the superior safety of neo-ceramic glass makes it the best choice whatever style of fireplace you have:

Tempered glass:

  • Is safety glass, it shatters into small harmless pieces if broken
  • Is made using a process that creates tension and compression in the glass
  • Can stand temperatures up to 600°F, higher temperatures could cause it to shatter from thermal shock

Neo-Ceramic glass:

  • It is still glass so can break if damaged, but less likely to break from thermal shock
  • Formed in a 2-step process that creates crystals within the glass, making it very stable
  • Originally designed for telescopes
  • Can withstand temperatures well over 1,000°F

Can You Replace Fireplace Glass?

Yes! Budget’s fireplace glass experts can remove old or broken glass from your existing fireplace, clean and prepare the door and install new, custom cut, neo-ceramic glass. The process is very quick and we always leave your home as clean as we found it.

Do Glass Doors Reduce Heat?

No, because the glass absorbs the heat from the fire so it helps it to radiate around your room, so in fact glass helps retain the heat. Glass doors also help prevent warm air escaping from the room up the chimney when there isn’t a fire lit.

How Hot Does Fireplace Glass Get?

Very! Definitely hot enough to cause serious burns to skin. While fires will burn at between 300°F and 600°F on average; the glass doors on a fireplace or stove can get even hotter, especially if the glass is close to the heat source like in a wood-burning stove.  Neo-ceramic glass is safe at temperatures exceeding 1,000°F and is thermal shock resistant, meaning it is unlikely to shatter due to high temperatures.

Why Did My Fireplace Glass Break?

If your fireplace glass is not neo-ceramic, it’s very likely because it got too hot. While the tempered glass found in many older fireplaces is heat resistant, it can crack or shatter if it reaches temperatures over 600°F.

Fireplace glass can also break if it’s damaged in some way. If something hits or falls onto the glass it may break or crack right away, or when the glass next gets up to a high temperature.

Can You Repair Broken Fireplace Glass?

Fireplace glass that is cracked or chipped should not be repaired in the same way a car windshield, for example, can be filled. Due to the extreme heat fireplace glass experiences, the fixed area may shatter when it gets hot again.

Budget Glass recommends that the safest way to deal with fireplace glass that is cracked or damaged in any way is to completely replace it.

What Should I Clean Fireplace Glass With?

To clean fireplace glass, use a simple homemade or shop-bought glass cleaning solution and a soft cleaning cloth. If your wood-burning stove or fireplace has soot build up on the inside of the door, take some damp newspaper, dip it into the cool ash in your fireplace then rub over the glass. This will remove the soot marks; you can then finish with a general cleaner.

Never use anything abrasive to clean the glass as it could create scratches which could become a problem when the glass is hot. For safety, always allow the glass to cool before cleaning it.

How Is Fireplace Door Glass Installed?

When fireplace glass is replaced it’s important that the seal between the glass and the door is as tight as possible to prevent air leakage when the fire is lit.

Glass replacement requires the safe removal of the damaged glass, cleaning and preparing the door, reinstalling the new glass and finally, ensuring it’s sealed in place.

How Do You Prevent Your Fireplace Glass From Going Foggy?

When you first light your fire, your glass doors may get foggy due to condensation. Once the glass has warmed up the fog should dissipate fairly quickly.

Sometimes, the glass on gas fireplaces can develop a white, foggy appearance over time that does not go away. This is likely caused by the sulphuric acid in the gas leaving a deposit on the surface of the glass. A gas fireplace cleaner from a local hardware store should be able to remove this, as long as you’ve been cleaning the glass inside and out regularly. If the residue is left for too long, the glass may actually become etched by the acids and require replacement. If you are unsure whether your glass needs replacing, contact our team at Budget Glass. We’ll inspect the glass and provide you with the recommended next steps for your fireplace.

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