The Benefits of Installing Glass Privacy Panels for Decks

For many British Columbians, their backyard or balcony is a convenient and comfortable place to enjoy some pleasant weather. Whether you enjoy having a cup of coffee on your balcony or entertaining friends on your deck, installing glass privacy panels can help you make the most out of your outdoor living space.

Although there is a wide variety of privacy panels for decks, glass panels are an increasingly popular choice among architects, designers and homeowners. Nowadays, you’ll find glass privacy screens in the outdoor living areas of many modern houses, townhomes, condos, and apartments.

In this post, we’ll explore why glass is the perfect choice for your deck privacy panels, the types of glass options available, and which type is the right fit for your home.

How To Make Your Deck Or Balcony More Private

If you love to spend time outside, you’re not alone. Chances are, your neighbours next door feel the same way. While your neighbours might be charming, there’s nothing wrong with transforming your backyard or balcony into your own private oasis using glass privacy panels for your deck.

Few people associate glass with the word “privacy” due to its stereotypical transparent nature. However, glass is actually highly versatile. Not all glass panels are transparent.

Depending on how much privacy you prefer, you can choose between frosted and textured glass panels with varying degrees of translucence. These glass screens are capable of blurring and distorting images behind the glass.

The semi-opaque or translucent effect of glass privacy panels for decks is one of the most effective ways to obscure your backyard or balcony from prying eyes. 

In addition to installing glass privacy screens, you could try the following tips to make your outdoor living space more private: 

  • Strategically place tall plants, trees, and hedges in your backyard or hanging plants on your balcony.
  • Replace your current backyard fence with a taller fence.
  • Consider a patio cover or canopy for sun protection and extra privacy from neighbours with two-storey houses.
  • Experiment with outdoor curtains to conceal your balcony from those who live or work at the building directly across from your balcony.
  • Find an adjustable outdoor umbrella that fits on your balcony for both UV protection and additional privacy from onlookers. 

5 Advantages Of Glass Privacy Panels For Decks And Balconies

For anyone on the fence about installing glass privacy panels in their backyard or on their balcony, here are a few benefits. 

Glass privacy panels offer varying levels of privacy

  • Privacy is one of the biggest benefits of glass privacy panels.
  • Their ability to blur and distort what’s happening behind the panel creates a visual barrier between you and your neighbours.
  • You control the desired amount of privacy with glass privacy panels. Frosted and textured glass is available in custom sizing as well as different designs and finishes that vary in opaqueness and light distortion.

They don’t block out natural light

  • If sunshine is why you spend time in your backyard or balcony, it’s a good idea to install a privacy screen that allows light to pass through.
  • Privacy panels made out of glass provide privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Glass privacy panels don’t interfere with your view

  • Glass privacy panels are usually installed as part of a glass railing system.
  • Opting for a glass railing system for your balcony or deck allows you to make the most of your outdoor space’s views.
  • Since Vancouver Island offers some of the most stunning views in the country, opting for glass railings and glass privacy screens could add value to your home by not obstructing the view from your balcony or backyard.

They add a sleek and modern touch to your deck or balcony

  • Glass privacy screens are a common find in many contemporary homes
  • Glass privacy panels with a glass railing system add style and aesthetic appeal to your home.

Glass privacy panels can protect your outdoor furniture from harsh weather

  • Although the weather in Coastal B.C. is typically mild, glass privacy screens are capable of protecting you from harsh weather conditions.
  • They also reduce the impact of high winds and U.V. rays on your outdoor furniture.

Are Glass Privacy Panels Safe?

Despite their growing popularity, some homeowners may hesitate to choose glass railings due to common misconceptions about their safety. In reality, tempered glass panels are specifically designed with your safety in mind.

Tempered glass railings and privacy panels are four times stronger than ordinary glass. As a result, it’s highly durable and difficult to break. However, on the rare chance that tempered glass does break, it shatters into harmless tiny pieces instead of sharp shards.

Since glass railing systems, including glass privacy panels, are made out of tempered glass, they are a perfectly safe option for your deck or balcony.

Different Types of Glass Privacy Panels

Although most glass privacy panels are made out of tempered glass to maximize safety, they vary in design, finish, and distortion effect. Here are some of the most standard glass types used for glass patio railings and privacy screens. 

Frosted Glass

  • This glass is the result of sandblasting or acid etching ordinary glass.
  • The process produces a frosted appearance, semi-opaque finish, and blurring effect.

Textured Glass 

  • Tempered glass, also known as patterned glass, decorative glass, or obscure glass, is created by embedding a design on molten glass.
  • The design pattern determines how light passes through this glass with a translucent finish.

Etched Glass

  • For those who want a more artistic design on their glass panel, consider etched glass options.
  • At Budget Glass, we are proud to collaborate with local glass artists who use sandblasting techniques to create the most beautiful designs.

Is Glass Better Than Other Privacy Panels for Decks? 

Due to its versatility and numerous benefits, glass privacy panels are a great addition to any deck or balcony. If you want to know more about glass privacy panels and glass railing options, our team of glass professionals can help. 

At Budget Glass, we are proud to offer high-quality service and glass products in the Nanaimo, BC area since 1983. Our glass experts can answer any of your questions about glass privacy panels and help you find the best option for your deck or balcony. 

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