6 Ways to Brighten Up a Space When You Don’t Have Windows

Natural light is an important factor in making a home feel inviting and comfortable. Windows or a sliding glass door can do wonders for not only adding light, but opening up a space and allowing us to feel somewhat connected to the outside world – particularly during this time when many people are working from home. However, oftentimes rooms like bathrooms are left without any windows, and we find ourselves in darkness and feeling closed off. This is particularly common when they are down in the basement, or if you’re located in an apartment building. As a frequently used room in the house, this can put a little bit of a damper on our mood each day, when our bathrooms should really be a welcoming and comforting spot.

Luckily, there are things you can do to liven up the space and bring in some more light. In this article, we will list five things that you can do to bring your bathroom back to life.   

1. Invest in a Sun Tunnel or Skylight

If you have the ability, this is the best, most effective way to add some real natural light into a windowless bathroom. A sun tunnel, or sun pipe, are tubes that bring in sunlight from the outside via a reflective tube and a dome, or light-capturing system. They can be installed into any room in your house, though they are most commonly put in bathrooms. Sun pipes are also energy efficient, and bring in the perfect amount of natural light, even on an overcast day and even if your bathroom isn’t in an optimal position for sunlight.

Adding in a skylight is another great option. They are the most visually appealing, and create a nice, open-air feel to a room as the window above brings in the natural light.

2. Use Large Mirrors   

A good trick to get more light into a room is to use large mirrors. Of course, this won’t magically add natural sunlight into your bathroom like the sun pipe, but it can still make a big difference in terms of making the room appear and feel bigger and brighter.

You could consider placing a large mirror opposite the bathroom door, which we can almost guarantee will make the room look bigger and more inviting as you enter.

Try carefully positioning mirrors around your bathroom, and you will find that the right spot adds a lot of (perceived) depth, and the mirrors will reflect any existing light around the room—therefore, adding more brightness. Clever, right?

3. Work with White

White, white, white. This colour can be a tremendous help in brightening up a space. Not to mention it’s a simple, classy colour.

White, as well as other light-coloured hues, can be used to enhance the existing light in your home. It can even turn some of the darkest rooms into a livelier, more enjoyable space.

It works like this: dark colours absorb light, whereas lighter colours reflect it. That’s why white and light, pale colours will use the little amount of light you have available and make it seem brighter than it truly is.

On top of that, a white or nice cream colour will make your bathroom seem bigger, and even neater, too. But don’t worry if you want to add touches of colour, as well. Adding some colours here and there will enhance the “wow” factor, and allow you to play around with different decorations and schemes. So you can have fun with it, too!

4. Change or Adjust Your Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes when you don’t have any windows for natural light, lighting fixtures can help to liven up the room—if you pick out the right ones.

A pair of wall-mounted sconce lights on both sides of your vanity mirror can be pretty, as well as practical. Another idea is to have a centered ceiling fixture or can lights hanging around the room to ignite the whole bathroom. 

Fixtures with clear or seeded glass can also maximize the light, but avoid using coloured or muted glass on your fixtures, as this will actually darken the room.

Take your lightbulbs into account, as well. Try swapping out your bulbs for ones that have more wattage, as sometimes this can make a difference.

5. Consider Changing Your Shower

You might not have heard of this one before, but this tip could change your world.

If you find yourself feeling cramped in the space and there are no windows, changing your shower doors might be just the solution.

Clear glass on your shower door can make all the difference compared to frosted or bubbled doors. Clear glass will make the whole bathroom feel more spacious and bright, and will allow more light to reach all around the room in every corner.

Frameless shower doors can also brighten up the space, and along with some white tile and shiny plumbing fixtures, your bathroom will begin to radiate.  

6. Changing Out Foggy / Failed Windows

Sometimes the reason you don’t have enough light coming through your windows is because your windows are old and failing. If the glass inside your windows has condensation or appears foggy or grimy, this will affect the amount of light coming through.  If this is the case, we can often replace the sealed unit without having to replace the entire window.  

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