5 Ways to Keep Your Glass Shower Sparkling Clean

Your shower is a place to refresh, wake yourself up, ease aching muscles or just enjoy a few luxurious minutes to yourself.

However, there’s nothing more frustrating than having your beautiful, shiny glass shower door stained with dried water marks. It can be even more frustrating when the steps you take to clean it just don’t seem to work.

So how can you put that sparkle and shine back into your shower glass?

There are many different products, hints, tips and old wives’ tales out there, offering a multitude of solutions. Here are some suggestions that the team at Budget Glass recommends you try when trying to clean your shower glass.

Five Ways To a Clean Shower

  1. White Vinegar and Baking Soda – If you prefer a natural solution over a chemical product then this is a good option. The vinegar dissolves watermarks while the baking soda acts as an abrasive cleaner for stubborn stains. You’ll likely have the ingredients you need on hand in your pantry.
  • Wet shower glass with water
  • Spray thoroughly with white vinegar
  • Leave to soak for 10 minutes
  • Dip a soft cloth or sponge into baking soda and scrub the glass
  • Rinse with water and thoroughly dry with a soft microfibre cloth
  1. Lemon Juice – Another natural solution that is simple and easy to make at home. Lemon juice is good for removing lighter cases of soap scum build-up, and it smells better than vinegar too!
  • Add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle
  • Spray glass and wait 5 minutes
  • Wipe clean with a sponge and dry with microfibre cloth
  1. Ammonia – This chemical is effective at breaking down grease and grime and dries fast and streak-free, making it popular in glass cleaning products. Keep in mind ammonia can be dangerous if not used correctly. Make sure you ventilate the room well and never mix ammonia with bleach as it can create toxic gasses.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons of ammonia with 2 quarts of warm, distilled water in a large spray bottle.
  • Spray onto glass, wait 3 minutes
  • Wipe dry with a microfibre cloth
  1. Dryer Sheets – Although designed to soften fabric; damp dryer sheets magically transform into glass shower cleaners, as the softener in the sheet breaks down soap scum stains.
  • Dampen fabric dryer sheet and use to wipe over glass doors and walls
  • Rinse door well after use and buff with a microfibre cloth
  1. Store Bought Chemical Product – Of course, there are many products available in your local hardware or grocery store which can be used to clean shower glass and the rest of your bathroom. Some work better than others, and some also include extra benefits like mould and mildew removers.

Note: When using cleaning products and DIY solvent solutions, be careful to remove all cleaning materials from all silicone sealants, as these can break down the bond over time.


Daily Maintenance Will Keep Your Shower Glass Looking Brand New

Now your shower glass looks fresh and fantastic again, how do you keep it that way? A daily post-shower cleaning routine is the first step, but there are also some more permanent solutions available too.

A Simple Post Shower Cleaning Routine

The key to preventing soap scum and water stains from building up is to make sure the shower glass is cleaned after every use. Removing excess water and product from the glass right away will stop it from drying and creating streaks or spots on the glass. This is particularly helpful if your home has hard water. Routinely keeping your doors and walls dry will also help keep mildew and mould at bay and keep your home healthier overall.
Try the following post-shower clean routine:

  • Keep a squeegee in the shower and use it on all glass as soon as you are finished your shower
  • Spray with a daily cleaner. You can make your own by placing ½ cup rubbing alcohol, ½ cup hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon dishwasher rinse aid and 1 teaspoon dish soap in a 32oz spray bottle. Top it up with water and it’s good to go.
  • Wipe down with a soft microfibre cloth and leave the door open so air can circulate and dry the glass.

Add Long Term Protection to Your New Glass

Hydrophobic coatings can be applied to shower glass. These actually repel water and product from the glass, keeping it cleaner for longer.

At Budget Glass all of our glass shower doors come with the option of adding ClearShield, a hydrophobic coating that protects glass from the build-up of dirt, limescale, water spots and mildew. Ask how you can add this to your new shower and spend more time relaxing in the shower and less time cleaning.

To protect your investment, we also recommend using specialty cleaners to repel and remove unsightly, stubborn glass stains. In addition to ClearShield, we also supply high-quality CRL cleaning products, like CRL Surface Protector to repel stains and CRL Sparkle to remove stubborn stains. These products can be used instead of, or in addition to the DIY solutions listed above.


Call Budget Glass Today For Your New Shower Needs

If you try all of the above ideas and your shower still isn’t looking like an inviting place to get clean, you may want to consider a new or replacement glass shower door, walls or a bath surround from Budget Glass.

We carry a wide range of options to suit any taste or size of bathroom, with your choice of clear, tinted or obscured glass and metal finishings to match your existing décor. When you have a beautiful and clean glass shower or bath surround, your bathroom can be your sanctuary again, your place to unwind and refresh … and get ready to clean the rest of your house! Based in Nanaimo, we’ve been serving the whole central island since 1983 as full-service glass experts. Our friendly and knowledgeable team at Budget Glass can be reached at (250) 758-3374. You can also easily contact us via email for all your household, commercial and automotive glass needs.