How Buying Local Helps You and Your Community

Consumers are often faced with the choice of purchasing goods and services from big businesses or locally-owned businesses each day. Glass products, (which can include windows, glass panels, privacy walls and more) are no exception.

The cost, convenience, and variety of goods and services can often sway these tough decisions. When it comes to purchasing residential, commercial, or automotive glass products and services, buying local has many benefits.

Buying Glass Products Locally Matters

There’s an economic advantage and a unique value to a one-of-a-kind business.

This can help create the identity of your community. After all, individuality is what separates local businesses from big box stores. 

Buying locally encourages local entrepreneurs to innovate, which can promote healthy competition between suppliers. 

If big businesses hold power over suppliers and employees, there isn’t much incentive for competitive pricing or innovation. In the end, local businesses and communities can suffer from unfair prices.

Thriving small businesses can make it very difficult for big businesses to dominate the other suppliers. 

Local Revenue Stays Within the Community

When we buy local, our money stays local, and it strengthens the local economy in a number of ways:

  • Local businesses will recirculate a greater share of revenue back into the community as they create locally owned supply chains and invest in their own employees. 
  • Local businesses are far more likely to support local charities that actually support community members as well. 
  • Local retailers tend to return their revenue back into the local economy much more than big business retailers do. 
  • Buying local also fuels job opportunities and new employment for people within our community. This ensures the financial foundation of our neighbours and communities.
  • Local businesses not only support workers and their families, but they in turn spend their money on other local businesses. 

Buying locally also means that you get to help:

  • Create jobs for your friends and neighbours
  • Contribute to improved public infrastructure
  • Invest in your community both economically and socially

In other words, the success of local businesses helps create a recession-resistant local economy and community. 

Here at Budget Glass, our commitment is to locally source the very best products, hire the most qualified people that live in our community and offer the best warranties in the business. 

Buying Local Is Socially & Environmentally-Friendly

Local ownership means that the community members will take a more involved approach to make important decisions that could directly affect their community. 

Owners of an independent business are far more likely to consider how business and investment decisions could impact the entire community as opposed to solely focusing on profits.

These days, consumers and local businesses are becoming more aware of how their decisions could be affecting the environment. That is why it’s always a good idea to inquire about where materials come from, and how products are made and sourced.

A local company’s carbon footprint can be much smaller than that of a big box store

By sourcing products locally, there is far less need for large shipments, with fewer carbon emissions as a result. With reduced need for shipping, there’s also a reduced need for shipping materials like plastic and other non-biodegradable packing materials. 

Also, reducing dependence on imports is important for a community to thrive. Without supporting local businesses, this causes imports to become the main source of supply. 

If the local supply chain breaks down, local manufacturers end up suffering and closing their doors. At that point, local businesses would have to rely entirely on imports. This pulls revenue from the local economy and runs the risk of creating higher levels of pollution due to increased shipping.

These factors are why local businesses and consumers continue to redefine how they make their buying decisions.

The big takeaway here is that if there are more local businesses, there’s more revenue kept within the community, which creates more job opportunities. Shopping locally reduces your environmental impact, because locally-owned businesses make more local purchases, which require less transportation. 

Locally Sourced Products & Services

Here at Budget Glass, we locally source our products in all aspects of residential, commercial, and automotive glass.

Our expert services include:

  • Renovation Windows
  • Mirrors, Beveled Mirrors, and Mirror Closet Doors
  • Sealed Thermo-Glass Replacement
  • Sunrooms
  • Skylights
  • … and so much more!

Full-time owners/operators John, Mike and Patrick enjoy taking part in the community, and take pride in providing superior customer service while working directly with staff. 

Taking personal interest and getting to know the needs of every single customer in their community is also what separates a local business from a big box store. 

Budget Glass Keeps It Local

Proudly serving the Nanaimo area in Central Vancouver Island since 1983, our professionally trained staff is ready to serve your automotive, residential, and commercial glass needs. 

Locally owned and operated, we’ve watched our community grow and have successfully grown with our community by keeping it local.

After all, a successful local business improves the quality of life for everyone involved in the community. 

Contact us today for a free quote on residential, commercial, and auto glass repair and replacement.