Windshield Repair: When can you repair and what to expect?

Of all the glass you should be paying close attention to for safety, your windshields are up there with importance. You know that small chip that’s sitting on your windshield? Well, the longer you drive around with it (especially on highways) you are compromising the entire safety of your car and potentially costing you a lot more money. Our advice? Windshield Repair.

Windshield Repair

Repairing chips in your windshield before they grow too big will save you money and provide more safety when you’re on the road.

How do I know if I need a repair or replacement?

  • We treat each chip differently, but generally, chips under 3/8 of an inch and cracks less than 3 inches in length will qualify for repair.
  • The chip/crack must also not be in the driver’s direct line of sight.
  • The damaged area does not reach the edge of the windshield.

Benefits of Windshield Repair:

Economical: Repairs take less time and use fewer materials than a full replacement, which means they cost less.

Safety: Repairing chips means your car’s original factory seal stays in tact.

Convenience: Repairs can typically be accomplished under one hour, while a replacement can take upwards of 3. There is also less aftercare required.

Eco-friendly: The number of windshields tossed into landfills each year is in the millions. You can do your part and keep your windshield out of the landfill by getting repairs done early.

Post-Repair Care

  1. Windshield repairs require less maintenance once completed. Repairs are made by injecting resin into the damaged area. The curing time is minimal and we are able to polish and clean in a timely manner. When you come to pick up your car, the windshield will be good to go with no additional upkeep required.
  2. Even a perfect windshield repair job will not make the chip completely disappear. Repairs improve the appearance of the chips by 80% but offers 100% safety and prevent the damage from spreading further.

Time is of the essence. If you have been staring at a chip in your windshield for months now, save yourself some time, money, and improve your car’s safety by getting it repaired before it’s too late.

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