Increase The Security of Your Patio Door with These Simple Tips and Upgrades

A patio door tends to be a high-use item in the home, particularly during the spring and summer.  As such, you’ll want to keep patio door security in mind. Most often installed off the kitchen, living room or family room, it’s a welcome addition to any contemporary house as it leads seamlessly to the outside. Often used to access the deck area, sunroom, pool, hot tub, playground and more, patio doors are convenient, they let in plenty of natural light and they add great accessibility to your house. 

As with any ground floor doorway, you’ll want to be sure your patio door is secure.  As a side or back entrance, it’s not as visible as the front door, but an unsecured patio door can still leave your home vulnerable to unwanted guests.

How Can I Make Sure My Patio Door is Secure?

There are a few different types of patio doors including sliding glass, garden and French doors and they all have a few different security features. 

Patio Door Locks

Traditional keyed locks are a budget-friendly way to ensure your door and screen is secured when you leave the house or close up for the night. Older sliding glass doors tended to just have a simple latch on the inside of the door as the only thing securing it against break-ins. Today, we know that’s not enough and you’re better off having a keyed lock to add an extra layer of security. Also, consider a three-point locking system with locks on the top and bottom of the door frame.

Window Coverings

The vast majority of patio doors let you look outside (and inside.) Most would-be thieves will lose interest if they cannot see what’s inside. If you add a set of good quality vertical blinds or thermal honeycomb shades and close them at night and when you know you’ll be out, your home will be that much more secure.

Of course, there are also automated window fashions, so if you’re away from home and you realize you forgot to close the blinds or shades, you can close them with a smartphone app. These automated and motorized window coverings do double duty as security and keeping your home evenly heated/cooled. 

The thermal properties of many of the newer window coverings on the market are designed to dampen sound, filter UV rays and insulate the glass from hot or cool air leaks. Combined with vinyl frame patio doors with insulated sealed units from Vancouver Island’s own Thermoproof windows or from Gentek Windows, your home will stay completely comfortable year-round with higher energy efficiency.

Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed glass is much more secure and shatter-resistant than single-glazed panels. These are a deterrent for would-be vandals. You can also have reflective glass installed, which lets you see out but limits the view of the inside, due to its mirrored properties. Providing the ultimate in privacy, you get to keep your view and go about your day with complete confidence. Not ready to switch to double-glazed quite yet? You can also add a security film, which provides extra protection.

A Dowel or Metal Rod

This is a low-tech, old-school method to be sure, but if you have a sliding glass door with tracks, it really works. Just lay a dowel or metal rod of medium thickness in the door track. The dowel will sit in the tracks behind the closed side of the door. If anyone tries to open the door, that dowel is going to jam the door and make it pretty much impossible to get it open. This is a good trick for windows as well, particularly for those on the ground level when you want to keep your windows open a crack without being vulnerable to a potential intruder. At Budget Glass, we recommend combining this method with other security methods like an alarm system or three-point locking system.

Anti-Lift Devices

Anti-lift devices bridge the gap between the top of the door frame and the patio door. Used with sliding glass doors, they prevent the door panel from being lifted off the tracks and out of the frame. These can be added to an existing door to lessen security risk.

Screen Door

We also offer custom sized screens for all doors and windows, so you can let the summer breeze in and keep the insects, and big pests, out. Designed to exceed industry standards, they’re the perfect complement to a new patio door, whether you prefer French patio doors, garden patio doors or sliding glass patio doors.

Do you have pets? Ask about our pet mesh screens, designed for higher-traffic areas and made to resist tearing and scratching. Pet screens are also excellent for keeping ring-tailed bandits (racoons) and sneaky squirrels from getting at Fido’s food dish.

Is it time to replace your old, unsecure patio door? At Budget Glass, we offer a wide variety of modern options, including double-glazed, ultra durable vinyl doors. Strong, energy efficient and in an array of colours to coordinate with your home, our patio doors are designed to last for many years to come. For advice on how to secure your existing patio doors, or to inquire about an upgrade, feel free to contact us at our Nanaimo, BC location. We’ll be more than happy to help you discover the perfect patio door and patio door security solutions for your home.