Protect Your Screens, Protect Your Pets

Window and door screens are the most effective way to let fresh air in while keeping bugs and other debris out. They can also get destroyed by our beloved pets who gnaw, climb, or crash into screened windows and doors.

If your screens are being damaged by dogs or cats wanting in (or out!) consider a pet screen. Also called pet mesh, It’s ultra-durable and made to withstand high traffic areas. This pet-proof solution will let you enjoy having your windows and doors open again!

What Is Pet Screen Made Of?

Pet screen / pet mesh is made of thicker vinyl coated polyester fibres. It’s made to ensure toughness while preserving the view inside and out, thanks to a finer weave. It’s strong enough for kitties who like to climb. It’s tear-resistant too, for animals who bump into the patio door. When the screen gets bumped with some force, the screen frame will pop out of the housing. This prevents ripping, which can cause harm to your pet. This strength makes it excellent for homes, daycares and any other spaces with small children. If your window or door screen gets knocked out, we can service and / or replace it without any fuss.

Protect Your Pets by Screening Them In

Screen panels not only guard us humans against mosquitoes, wasps and other pests, they also help protect your pets from fleas and ticks by keeping them away from the source.

Screens also keep your pet contained on the deck or patio without having to be on a run or a leash. Cats love to explore and hunt. Even the most docile of canines may wander and disrupt the neighbourhood. This can be a problem and result in injury or illness to your furry friend if they’re able to escape. The sturdy pet screen material can also help keep hungry squirrels or curious racoons outside where they belong.

Pet mesh is also great for office spaces. These days, many people love to take their pets along to their 9-5. You can leave your door or window open and let fresh air flow through your workspace, while keeping your desk buddy safe and happy.

Sized Right for The Perfect Fit

At Budget Glass, we offer custom screens made to measure. This ensures the most secure fit for any door, window or patio / deck enclosure. We can make screens for aluminum, vinyl and wood windows and doors in all dimensions and shapes. Our expert technicians will measure your windows and doors for a small $20 fee. We recommend this option to ensure a perfect fit, which will also help prolong the life of your screen.

These screens for pets install like standard fibreglass screening material. You can do it yourself or we can install your screening and splicing in no time flat. Screens are available in black or grey to match any home or commercial space. You can even have it installed in your RV for complete pet protection while camping.

Stop Replacing Your Screens Because of your Pet

Lower quality screens from a big box store are made of thinner materials that don’t stand up well to the wear and tear of daily life. Simply put, they’re flimsy. They fade, sag and rip easily and they just can’t do a good job of keeping insects, leaves and other debris out of your home. They also need to be replaced frequently, which can put a dent in your household repair piggy bank.

The Benefits of Door and Window Screens

  • Energy efficiency – Screens can block UV rays and excess heat.
  • Pest and particle blocking – Screens are designed to block pests, dust and other debris, like leaves and pollen, from entering your home so you can breathe easier.
  • Air flow – Open your windows and doors and let the fresh air in!
  • Keep windows clean – Screens can act as a guard against dirt and water splashing against your windows. This helps keep them cleaner longer.
  • Security – Screens can be a deterrent to would-be thieves thinking of easy, open window / door pickings.

If your screens are at the end of their life, consider upgrading to pet mesh from Budget Glass. Our screens adhere to (and often exceed) industry standards. Time to upgrade your patio door and your screen? Make it a full package with our top-quality patio doors. Designed with heavy duty framing and metal ball bearing rollers for the smoothest glide, our screens are also easy to clean. All you need is soap and water to keep them looking their best.

We’re known for our top-quality products and our door and window screens are no exception. Get a jump on the spring and summer seasons and have your screens replaced with durable pet screening today. At Budget, we’re more than just glass, we’re a full-service solution for everything from stylish vanity mirrors to whole home window replacements. We’d love to hear from you! Call or email our friendly staff at our Nanaimo showroom for product information or an estimate on our pet screens for windows and doors.