Is it Time to Replace Your Skylight?

Skylights are a great, eye-catching addition to any home. Not only do they bring in additional light, making smaller spaces seem larger, but they can reduce energy bills too.

However, like any window, over time the seals can become worn, which can lead to issues such as leaking or mould. When this happens, you will need to consider replacing your skylight.

New window and glass technology has resulted in modern skylights with many benefits such as built-in blinds and solar-powered openings, so replacing your old skylight can be beneficial in many ways.

Read on for a guide to the signs that your skylight might need replacing, and what the replacement process involves. 

When Should A Skylight Be Replaced?

A number of factors will affect how long your skylight will last. With minimal wear and tear and good installation, they can still perform well after 20 years. However, eventually, the skylight unit will begin to fail as it ages, which can result in cloudy glass and water damage due to leaking.

There are some other factors that may also reduce the life-span of your skylight or cause it to be damaged:

  • Old or damaged roof flashing – If your roof is older and worn, or shingles have been disturbed around the skylight, excess water can pool around the unit which can cause the sealant to fail.
  • Re-roofing – removing the existing roof materials, including moving an existing skylight out and back into its space can actually cause the skylight to be damaged and no longer watertight.
  • Weather – severe weather such as hailstorms, or strong winds that bring down tree branches, could cause physical damage to the skylight which will then cause it to leak. Even year-on-year exposure to extreme weather can cause seals and weather stripping to wear and crack.

Whatever the cause may be, if the water seal of a skylight has been compromised it needs to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the damage that a leaky skylight can cause. 

Signs Your Skylights Need Replacing

If you see any of these signs around your skylight then it may need replacing. Call a skylight expert like Budget Glass who can properly investigate the cause and recommend next steps.

  • Water leakage –in the joints of the frame or from the ceiling or wall around the skylight
  • Roof damage – check for obvious signs of damage to shingles; signs of pest or insect damage or rot where water could be getting in
  • Condensation between panes – if it doesn’t disappear when the indoor and outdoor temperatures equalize it may be caused by seal failure
  • Paint damage – water damage can cause paint to stain, bubble and peel
  • Signs of mould – on the ceiling or wall is a sure sign there is water leakage
  • Visible cracks in glass – especially if they have occurred after a spell of bad weather
  • Drafts – a cool draft in the area of your skylight could indicate a problem

Is It Easy To Replace A Skylight?

Unless you are looking to significantly change the size or location of your skylight, the installation process is fairly straightforward as the new unit will be made to fit snugly into the existing space.

During a simple like-for-like replacement, your professional installer will work both inside and outside the home for a complete finish, ensuring that your new skylight is installed properly with a water-tight seal.

Unless your skylight replacement is urgent, due to a significant leaking issue or damage, the best time to replace your skylights is when you are re-roofing your home as it is:

  • Cost and time-effective. The installation team is already on-site, which saves time, money and another day of disruption. Replacing a skylight separately to the roof requires some roof shingles and underlayment to be removed.
  • Easier to get a tight seal. When the roof is cleared of old shingles and underlayment the installer is able to get the best possible fit and seal of the new unit, significantly reducing the risk of leaks.

Another good option is to do skylight replacement as part of a larger window and door replacement project. This again saves contractor time and will save money over doing the skylight replacement separately.

What Are The Benefits Of Replacing An Old Or Damaged Skylight?

Other than the obvious benefits of preventing leaks and mould, the opportunity to upgrade brings a number of additional positives:

  • Energy efficiency – modern skylights are dual or triple-paned. This keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer, saving energy and reducing bills.
  • Improved UV filtering – optional glass coatings can reduce UV rays resulting in less sun bleaching on furniture and floors.
  • Increased condensation resistance – this is particularly useful in colder weather / climates.
  • Better sound reduction – more panes and superior sealing reduces outside noise interruption.
  • Options for light control – skylights now come with the option of built in, remote control blinds. You can choose your level of light diffusion, even black-out, which is great for bedrooms.
  • Remote control opening – airflow at your fingertips

Upgrade to a New Skylight with Budget Glass

If your skylight needs replacing or you have seen signs of leakage, contact your local skylight experts at Budget Glass today.

Located in Nanaimo, BC and serving the entire central island region, our team of window specialists will assist you with:

  • Identifying the problem with your current skylight,
  • Choosing a high-quality skylight replacement
  • Professional installation.

Thinking about installing a brand-new skylight in your home? Budget can help with that too; taking you step by step through the planning process to ensure placement, size and position and style of skylight will give you the optimum result.

Contact Budget Glass today for all your residential, business and auto glass needs.