Front Doors with Glass Inserts Add Brightness and Dimension to Your Home’s Entrance

If you want to brighten your home’s entryway and add curb appeal at the same time then consider adding door glass inserts.  Front doors with glass inserts are a great way to add style and personality to your home’s façade.

Your front door is the part of your home all visitors see, it’s the place that welcomes you and your family. The ideal door helps you feel safe and secure, allows in natural sunlight and looks good too.

Adding new glass inserts to your door, or replacing the existing panels, is a relatively inexpensive way to make an impactful change.

What are Glass Inserts for Doors?

Door glass inserts are decorative windows of various sizes and styles that can be inserted directly into the door panel. They come as completely sealed units that can easily be slotted and fixed in place.

They are a great way to make a visual change to your home without having to go to the expense of buying a brand-new front door.  Door window inserts can be easily added to most existing front door types, even those with paneling.

If your current door already has glass inserts, but they are dated, damaged or just not offering the style or level of privacy you desire, it is easy to switch them out for new glass inserts.

Glass inserts for doors come in various sizes depending on how much glass you wish to add to your door. Choices include:

  • Half view – A glass panel that covers half the door surface.
  • Three-quarter view – The window insert covers three-quarters of the door.
  • Full view – The glass panel covers the entire door except for the edging left for framing.
  • Top light – Small horizontal panel at top of the door to let in some light but maximize privacy.
  • Half round top – A half-door panel with a rounded top edge.
  • Sunburst – Small semi-circle-shaped window at the top of the door.
  • Transoms – Windows that run above the top of the door.
  • Side lights – One or two glass panels on either side of the front door that allow additional light into the entryway.

The size and number of panels you ultimately choose will depend on your style preference, how much light you want to let in and how much privacy you wish to retain.

What are the Benefits of Glass Door Inserts?

Glass inserts for doors don’t just look attractive, they offer many other benefits too, including:

Allow natural light to enter: Glass inserts allow sunlight, a natural mood booster, into the home, giving an open and bright feel to your entryway. This is especially useful in winter when daylight is scarcer.

Energy saving: Door windows can reduce your electricity bill as the extra natural light means you won’t need to use electric lighting as much.

Modern double or triple pane glass inserts also help to prevent heat loss compared to old single pane glass panels. Consider choosing Low-E which has an invisible film coating to prevent heat loss or look for the EnergyStar rating for the most energy-efficient window options. 

Privacy is protected: Adding glass doesn’t necessarily reduce privacy. Door glass inserts are available in frosted, textured, coloured and patterned glass that maintains privacy while still allowing in light.

Safe and Secure: Glass door inserts are strong and secure, especially if the multi-paned or tempered glass is chosen. Compared to single-paned glass they are harder to break, making it harder for people to gain entry in this way. 

Improve the appearance of your home’s exterior: Decorative glass door inserts add interest and style to your home. They can modernize the appearance of the house and make it more attractive to sellers.

Durability and longevity: Modern glass inserts are strong and long-lasting. Very little maintenance is required if they have been installed properly.

What Styles of Glass Door Inserts are Available?

Glass inserts for front doors come in an abundance of styles and designs, allowing you to choose something that best suits your needs and your home’s architecture.

Door windows can be single, double or triple-paned. Generally, modern windows are at least double-paned. The more panes in the window, the greater the energy efficiency and noise reduction properties. 

Many glass inserts are made with the extra strong tempered glass. This glass is stronger and harder to break which is a bonus for those looking to retain high levels of security.

While door panels can of course come in clear glass for maximum light and visibility, most people prefer some level of decoration or texture. There are many different decorative styles to choose from including:

Decorative glass inserts – Small shaped, textured or coloured pieces of glass are pieced together into an attractive pattern. Thin pieces of lead or zinc, known as Caming, are used to hold the glass pieces in place which also adds strength to the finished glass panel. The overall finish can be very subtle or look more detailed like stained glass.

Frosted glass – Frosting gives glass an overall transparent look to the insert, making it ideal where high levels of privacy are desired. Frosting can be combined with other decorative additions for a clean and modern look.

Glass etching – Another decorative option where a design, image or pattern is etched directly into the glass. The etched parts become white and opaque providing contrast and privacy.

Coloured glass – Glass of various colours and opacities can be used to add design to a door window. These coloured panels can offer greater privacy than clear glass but without blocking the light.

Wrought iron – Decorative iron can be incorporated into door glass inserts. The iron is beaten into the desired pattern and paired with plain or textured glass panels. Wrought iron is not only a timeless decorative look but offers extremely good security as it cannot be broken even if the glass is damaged.

Add a Glass Insert to Your Front Door with Budget Glass

Budget Glass offers a variety of styles and sizes of door glass inserts for your front door. Whatever your preferred style, our team can help with trouble-free measurement and installation so you can sleep easy knowing your home is secure.

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